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During the ensuing 52, Lex Luthor created the Everyman Project which promised the common man meta-human abilities for a hefty price. The attractive spokesmodel called Sierra would be one of the many applicants which successfully gave her special superhuman gifts. As the new Matrix, with the ability to turn invisible, fly, and have superhuman strength, she joined the newly created Infinity Inc. Matrix joined the rest of the new Infinitors when Obsidian, a former member of the original team, insanely attacked the new Jade. She was also present with some of the team and a wide variety of other heroes when they went up against Black Adam at the Great Wall of China. However she and her teammates turned down the poignant invitation by Green Lantern, Alan Scott, to battle Black Adam, showing their true lack of valor.



Sierra gained similar abilities like those of her predecessor, the original Matrix, with most of the same abilities and more. Perhaps due to the similarity of her gained powers and attractive looks, Luthor named Sierra after his former paramour.

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