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 Manuel Eloganto is the original Masked Matador.

Manuel Eloganto began his career as a real matador who liked easy fights. Skilled in his arts, he still resorted to drugging the bulls before his fights to make it easier. However, he became cruel toward the bulls which made people despise him. During one of his performances a riot broke out and a non-drugged bull entered the arena goring him. 
Manuel was humiliated and disappeared from sight till he emerged in New York using his skills to rob banks and distract the guards. This brought him to the attention of Daredevil who fought him but his radar sense was scrambled through the waving of his cape and he managed to escape. He was of course captured by Daredevil soon after.   


Matador was created by Stan Lee and Wally Wood in 1964 and first appeared in Daredevil # 5.

Emissaries of Evil

 Matador with the Emissaries of Evil.

Matador would team with other people including Electro and his Emissaries of Evil. Electro recruited some of Daredevil's deadliest foes which included Matador, Stilt Man, Leap Frog and Gladiator. Electro felt that the man without fear would be no match for this group. Daredevil discovered Electro recruiting Matador in an alleyway and engaged his two foes. Daredevil was struck by Electro while he was distracted with Eloganto. Matador wanted to kill him while he was down but Electro felt it would spoil their revenge and that it was too easy. Daredevil would recover and decided to lure out his enemies by keep showing himself in public. Daredevil started at the docks and caught the attention of the Matador. Matador was outclassed and outmatched during the fight. Eloganto was tossed into the water when he tried to stab Daredevil with his sword. Matador escapes from Daredevil and swims away. Eloganto would regroup with the rest of the Emissaries of Evil members and attack Daredevil inside an electric power plant. Matador would wrap his cloak around Daredevil's neck but he is tossed into Gladiator. Matador thinks he caught Daredevil with his cloak and begins to hit his blinded opponent with a flurry of punches. However, Daredevil appears next to Eloganto as he unveils Leap Frog under the cloak and punches the Matador out. Matador and the rest of the Emissary members are eventually defeated and placed into police custody.    
The Matador would offer an assignment for one of Daredevil's foes named Man-Bull. Man-Bull escaped from court and would meet the Matador at the docks in Sheepshead Bay. The Matador offers to pay enough money for Man-Bull to leave the country if he can steal the Golden Bull of China inside a temple in Chinatown. Man-Bull raids the temple but comes into conflict with Daredevil. Man-Bull destroys the Golden Bull during the fight but Daredevil manages to talk some sense into Taurens and he walks away. The Matador and Man-Bull meet back at the docks and the two have words. Man-Bull tells Matador that he can think for himself and charges. The two villains break through the warehouse wall and fall into the ocean. 

 Scourge pays a visit to Eloganto.

Eloganto seemed to give up his life of crime and went to live with his sister in Los Angeles to help take care of her kids. He was targeted by Scourge and was paid a visit at his sister's run downed apartment. Eloganto told the Scourge that he served his debt to society and that he has been clean for years. Eloganto wanted the Scourge to send the children away if he was going to kill him because this was something the kids should not see. Scourge could not pull the trigger and left the apartment after seeing Eloganto reformed and helping his sister.   
The Ringmaster would use Eloganto as a pawn to test out a new technology he developed called ultimate false memory syndrome. The entire scheme was tested on Daredevil and the Ringmaster hypnotized Eloganto to believe he was a mental therapist named Arnold Quaid.
Matador would be seen having some drinks at the infamous Bar with No Name as he hangs out with fellow bad guys. Matador and Stilt Man would get in a little argument and words are exchanged after he is insulted about his costume. Matador threatens Stilt Man with his bullwhip but the bartender tells them to behave or take it outside. Matador keeps it cool and walks away when the bartender shows him his VBC stick- villain be cool stick.

Second Matador

 A new, younger and deadly Matador.

Matt Murdock would travel to Monoco to go after a lawyer named Alton Lennox. Lennox had a client from Monoco which turned out to be a local mob boss named Tybold Lucca. Murdock wants to stay under the radar because he is a fugitive at the time and goes by the identity of Ray Mallory. Murdock gets invited to Lucca's estate by his daughter Lily Lucca. Murdock and Lily attend the main attraction of the party which takes place in a private bullfighting ring. Murdock immediately notices the skills of this young Matador as he kills two lions. After the demonstration, Tybold Lucca proposes a toast regarding his daughter's marriage to the son of a business associate. The Matador ends up killing Tybold Lucca with his sword and all hell breaks loose. Murdock changes into Daredevil and engages the Matador in the ring. Murdock tells Lennox and Lily to run but the Matador goes after them. Daredevil tackles the Matador but he gets away when his gunmen show up. 
Murdock figures out that Lily was pulling off a charade and was working with the Matador and Tombstone to set up a trap. Lily was actually sleeping with the Matador, a man named Juan and he had developed strong feelings for her. Daredevil finds the trio and takes out Tombstone with a sledgehammer. Juan takes Lily as a hostage but can't kill her because he has fallen in love with her. Lily pushes Juan away and Daredevil knocks him out. Murdock discovers that Lily was forced to play her part and that Tombstone and Matador were hired by Vanessa Fisk.


Matador possesses no actual powers but is extremely agile and quick. Highly skilled swordsman and formidable in hand-to-hand combat. 

Weapons & Paraphernalia

He employs a cape and sword which he uses for both offense and defense. The Matador has also been seen carrying a bullwhip.

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