dc's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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I just wrote an angry message to Dc about their handling of their Masters property. Here is what I said:

I am greatly upset at the way dc has handled their new Masters Property. Yes I am happy that their is two titles currently but I don't think enough effort is being put forth to make these comics good and to the place they deserve as the best. Where is a SheRa comic? Why isn't there a steady creative team with the best writer and artist? What happened to Pop Man? Where is Shadow Weaver and the rest of the Horde central characters? I just finished watching the she-ra series and I am sad to say this comic has not lived up to the core of its creation. I'm sorry but if you can't handle this property, sell it to someone who can...

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I wilk note that 1-6 where awesome! And Hordak's new apperance may be the best in comics but issues 7 and 8 have been lacking a great artist and DC vs Masters has been kinda lame.

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I've enjoyed the book so far but the art the last few issues have been horrible

they also shouldn't have had He-man and Teela get back from the HatMotU/DC crossover in the series before the crossover was finished...we now have a good idea as to what's going to happen in the crossover

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That was alittle blurry. Like you say, the writing from the new guy has been ok but it seems to get bogged down. Adora isn't even in this anymore. She just vanished right when the story was focusing on her and teela.

I'm pissed that we have only seen the hordak robot warriors so far and they don't seem to translate well from the 80s to present. Dc should have revamped them. There is abunch of his forces that we haven't seen. Grizzlore, Catra, we pnly got a small taste of shadow weaver and adora. Adora, they should already be setting her up to start the SheRa title. I mean, come'on! She has a freakin flying unicorn!

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