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Hordak and his Evil Horde are experimenting with a new machine. The machine turns mortals to monsters. Hordak powers up his machine and mutates a human into a very fast and powerful creature. He is given the name Dragstor and sent off to Eternia. 
In Eternia, Prince Adam and Extendar are watching a race, when Dragstor blasts into the arena. He heads for Extendar but He-Man saves himin the nick of the moment. Extendar is baffled by the power of Dragstor, and wishes that he had such power. In the midst of this fray, Hordak appears on the spot. He tells Extendar that he can give him such power. Adam tries to dissuade Extendar but Hordak takes Extendar with him. 
Back on Etheria, Hordak is expeimenting on Extendar when He-Man breaks in. Hordak orders Extendar to attack He-Man. But Extendar hears the voice of his conscience and disobeys Hordak. Then The Evil Horde jump into the attack. As a result of hordak's experiment, Extendar undergoes a startling transformation. He becomes taller and stronger. The Evil horde is easily defeated. Hordak releases Dragstor, but he too is defeated by He-Man. Hordak senses danger and takes his leave. 
Extendar apologises to He-Man for his irresponsible behavior. He-Man comforts him and destroys Hordak's machine. 







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