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OTR #48: I said Hey, Whats going on. PT.2

So we are back again for part 2 of this trip down 80's lane, He-man has been crawling back from obscurity into the lime light again with a .99 cent digital comic. I can hear them now. "Troy you soddy git, Why are have you been harping on a series you claim to cherish and not accept it for what it is? Also stop calling my mother. its creepy" To which I would respond to that, Because of my love for the series and self proclaimed expert of Eternia, That it is my duty to harp on Mattel and make sure that whatever they put out of the series, it treats everything i know and love with the respect it deserves. So here is part 2 and starring the DC superstar (depends on who you ask) writer of DC Geoff Johns.

Succulent Story

The story takes place in Pre-eternia as they call it, but for most of us, we call it the past. about 1000 some years before He-man would arrive there was a King Grayskull. While i could get into the whole mythos of that time period, well move on. The story starts off with two boys on the run from what looks to be like a group of beastmen... that look like...well beastman. They are saved by some unknown man with a troll doll gem embedded in his chest. they follow the man home where they make the discovery he is Sir Laser Lot....egh.. anyways to skip past his short bio one of the artifacts in his place was about to be taken through a vortex when you jumped in after it, low and behold he is now in the clutches of Skeletor.

Look out! he's got a stick!

Geoff Johns spear headed this digital short, which I have to say I found this more interesting than the actual hard copy, While I do love the Aquaman series. Geoff Johns is one of those writers that says "Hey you all don't like this character? I will make it my personal mission to make him cool". Which is exactly that he tried to do with Sir...egh... Sir Laser Lot. I have to say this seems like a plug for a new toy but turns out this was a character Geoff orginally made when he was 8 years old. So i have to give him alot of credit for sticking to his guns on a child made character.

Overall the story was not rushed, it had the good pacing from the start to the finish. the main bad point about this was the fact that it left me wanting to know more of the past and about King Grayskull. it will be more than likely that Sir Laser Lot might make an appearance in the main story with He-man. 4.5 out of 5 for the story. it was great but left me wanting more.

Artistic.... Art?

I have to say now this is where i differ in terms of the art. While the art was good, it looked quite a bit like a cartoon, but if that what geoff johns was going for then good on him. the main thing that i really liked in this issue was both the clothes designs for its time period, as well as we got a better look at that skull that Skeletor had in the first issue that was on the racks. and now that I saw it, Im more like HOLY S*** that looks like Hordak's skull. it could be horde prime or whatever the case maybe that is definitely one of the two guys skull and wondering what powers does it hold.

All of you look great. Except you Evil-lyn, we'll call you Meg from now on.

Howard Porter, He is the person I need to nit pick on this. While his cartoon like art works well with a series such as this where its origins was based on a cartoon. I can't help but feel for the tone this issue was trying to set that maybe Tan would have done this, and Porter would be great at doing issues with silly characters like Orko or Cringer. While i respect him as an artist I often have a hard time visioning his art for this type of serious story.

Overall I did not have too many issues with the art. I only just question the style that was used. but still fairly good. We got a snippet of what life was like for Eternians back then just after what would have been considered a great man. (King Grayskull). The design of the clothes and costumes made it feel that it was back in the dark ages of Eternia's history. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Clean Overalls

So all in all the mix of story and art can be conflicting but still looks good for the overall idea on which it was trying to convey, The pacing of it is really good. Though im trying not to groan every time I see.... his name..... I MEAN COME ON REALLY?! Lasers in the dark ages? They did not even have the capabilities, they even stated at the beginning of this comic before technology and the very definition of a laser would not even come to mind, AUGH! god why not just call him Sir Light A Lot...... nope nope nope.. i told myself i would keep it cool.

I saw this and thought of Planet of the Apes.

The Skull is the key factor to all of this. it has to either been important in the time it was from and had to have a specific purpose or it actually has powers and caused Adam to forget who he is. So after seeing that it made me go back to my hard copy and look that over again. Its a great prelude to what is going on now, and I hope to see more of it.

So at .99 cents you can't really go wrong with this digital copy, though i would suggest buying it through your local comic book stores website and support you comic shop. At its price and with geoff johns writing its a good digital piece for new comers to read and get into the story if they were unsure on reading the hard copy. so all in all get this first, if you like it then go buy the hard copy. 4.2 out of 5. its great but no where near the best. See you all later and Good Journey.

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Cool review.

Sir Laser lot...Hmh. It`s stupid. But, that`s one of the things that should be expected out of Johns written comics.

Sir...Laser...lot...Yes, I can feel slight irritation in my brain, but that`s it. Maybe I`m more immune than you.

Maybe Howard Porter intended that he should use the cartoony style, instead of Johns. Or maybe they both did.

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