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From the little that is known about them, the Masters of the Night are a not immortal but extremely long-living race, probably coming from another dimension. Despite they are few, they are not united, indeed, since they are egocentric, amoral and very instinctive. Some of them are confined to live by hunting with their pack of undead, others prefer to handle the levers of power of some nations, others are playing themselves out to be gods, or even simple humans.

Unlike classical vampires, the masters of the night are not afraid of sunlight, even if it weakens them, they may be reflected in the glass, they do not fear either garlic or crosses or holy water. If injured, they heal in a few seconds. They are shape-changers, i.e. have the ability to deform their body within certain limits. The only thing that can kill them is a Dampyr, i.e. the son of a master of the night and a human female. Dampyrs do not have any particular superpower, but their blood is lethal to arch-vampires, and therefore constitute the only effective weapon against the Masters.

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