masters of evil dream team

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kang (leader)                                 gargantua                                                                     reserve members:  psyclop 
omega red                                      terrax                                                                                                                the fly
juggernaut                                      kraven                                                                                                               red hulk 
malekith the accursed                 klaw                                                                                                                   cold heart
bullseye                                          whirlwind(he's a great villain)                                                                       vulture 
flagsmasher                                  speed demon                                                                                                  dr. spectrum
carnage                                          bi-beast                                                                                                             maelstrom
electro                                             dragonfly                                                                                                           lucia von bardus
moonstone                                    paibok                                                                                                                abomination
attuma                                            ronan the accusser                                                                                        dr. octopus
titanium man                                silver samurai                                                                                                   man ape
radioactive man                           evilhawk                                                                                                             baron mordo
quicksand                                     blackout(original)                                                                                             baron strucker

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i see...first comment!

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Leader: Baron Zemo (that's pretty much a given...) 
Absorbing Man 
Grey Gargoyle 
Living Laser 

Mr. Hyde 
Radioactive Man 
Tiger Shark


Dr. Nemisis 

Plant Man 

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Baron Zemo 
Wreaking Crew 
Mr. Hyde 
Tiger Shark 

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"Mad Jim" Jaspers (team leader), Sphinx 2/Meryet Karim, Dracula, Nightshade/Tilda Johnson, Hi-Tech/Calvin Carr, Piecemeal (Hulk foe), Gamesmaster (Upstarts),

The Mandarin (Iron Man foe), Heart Attack/Tyler Meagher, Tyrak, Absorbing Man/ Carl Creel, Shock/Ariel Tremmore, Grim Reaper/Eric Williams, Miracle Man, Corrupter,

The Fury , Death-Stalker/ Phillip Sterling , Arthur Perry (Electra foe), Kaluu, Persuasion/Kara Killgrave , Stunner/Angelina Brancale, Warborgs (X-Force foes), Mathemanic (Psionex)

Snowblind (Ghost Rider foe ), Mad Man/ Phil Sterns (Hulk foe), Machinesmith/ Sam Saxon, Blood Axe/Jackie Lukas, Saracen/Muzzafar Lambert , Fasaud/Farouk Al-Fasaud

Salome (Dr. Strange foe), Deathwatch/Stephen Lords , Asylum (Psionex), Arthur Perry , Tomorrow Man/Artur Zarrko, Pureheart( Darkhawk foe), Mad Dog/Robert Baxter

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I like a Classic feel to my MOE. team




Count Nefaria

The Leader

The Green Goblin



Baron Mordo


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Zemo, Moonstone, Enchantress, Absorbing Man, Titania, Wrecking Crew, Fixer, Whirlwind, Sabretooth, Atlas, Bullseye and Mystique

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Dr. Doom, Absorbing Man, Toad, Daken, Screaming Mimi, Grey Gargoyle, and Super Skrull

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Leader: The Vulture, who's pretty much genius, could be able to lead this incarnation.

Long Range: Shocker, he could send a blast from far away.

Strength: Bi-Beast, he's a two-faced (literally), double-brained android! With strength! Bi-Beast is basically a two-in-one deal.

Stealth: Mr. Fear, he seems stealthy, AND he's my favorite Daredevil villain!

Various: Super-Skrull, he could have any body's powers, or just be a super-DUPER-skrull with the leadership of Vulture, and everything else of everyone else on the team.

Speed: Quicksilver, though I think he's a hero now... meh, too much mutant stuff in comics to keep up with these days, so why bother keeping up?

Firepower: Crimson Dynamo, I mean, doesn't his armor come with built-in rocket launchers?

Flight: Griffin, the winged lion guy! Yay :D

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I believe in a small, yet powerful dream with plenty of grunts.

Leader: Zodiac (Zodiac Key)

Planner: Coat of Arms

Powerhouse/Second In Command: Ethan Edwards

Powerhouse: Super-Skrull

Energy Manipulator: Axon

Energy Manipulator: Melter (Young Masters)

Tech: Titanium Man

Muscle: Morass

Muscle: Aberration

Grunts: What's left of the Skrull Race

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