Defeat The Heroic Age Avengers Teams!!!!

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defeat one of the current Avengers teams,to do this you must create your own masters of evil. you must use one villain from each members personal rogues gallery.  

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This actually seems easy. I will use the Secret Avengers opening lineup of Steve, Beast, War Machine. Valkyrie, Black Widow, Moon Knight, Antman. Shanon and Nova. 
I will start out with the unlikely team leader  
Thanos if he doesnt count for Nova then Sphinx. 
I dont know if Shanon Counts or not so I will add someone insignificant 
Norman Osborn 
For Steve noone fits better than 
Red Skull 
Eric's enemy  
Moon Knight 

Black Widow 
Omega Red 

War Machine 
Dark Beast 
Overall even without Thanos I dont see any way for this team to loose. (Unless im missunderstanding the challenge) 
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Red Skull (Captain America) 
Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man) 
Carnage (Spiderman) 
Surtur (thor) 
Apocalypse (Wolverine) 
 that is all i shall list.

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Gotta ask was Thanos overkill?

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Baron Zemo needs to rebuild the Masters now since he has such a hate on for Bucky and Steve these days.
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