Master Splinter - Respect Thread

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IDW's TMNT is one of the best current ongoing series and the turtle's father is one of the best parts of the series. Help give Master Splinter the respect he deserves!

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Splinter leads the Turtles in their debut fight against Old Hob's gang.

  • Scan 2: Shows off Splinter's powerful palm thrusts. He has used these a lot and they are always punishing.
  • Scan 3 & 4: These show his technical perfection while placing several blows to Old Hob all in vulnerable areas.

Splinter uses stealth

  • Scan 1: Splinter leaps from the top of a building to the alley below and lands silently so the guards do not hear him. (This shows off his strength and durability to perform this feat as well as his stealth) He uses a choke hold to take out an opponent. The person standing immediately in front of him does not hear any of his attack and Splinters sneaks away.
  • Scan 2: He uses a pop can as a distraction to sneak by two more guards.
  • Scan 3: Splinter uses his Bo Staff to take out one last guard by surprise (another showing of strength by one-shotting him in the stomach). Splinter sneaks away still unseen.

This is Hamato Yoshi using stealth. This is Splinter in his past life.

  • Scan 1: Hamato Yoshi leaps from the top of the building silently so the two guards do not hear him. He then silently takes out one of the guards without the other noticing.
  • Scan 2: Yoshi scales a wall and sneaks up on a guard from behind a corner. He uses a huge swing with his katana to cut clear through the guards neck.

What Splinter is capable of with katanas

  • Scan 2: Yoshi shows off his skill with Katanas as well as his strength. He cuts clear through half of a foot soldiers torso and then uses both katanas to impale the next foot soldier and hold him off of the ground with his swords

Splinter's hand to hand strength ripping apart mousers

  • Scan 1: Splinter punches a mouser and shreds of metal explode
  • Scan 2: Splinter is able to pull apart a mousers mouth with his bare hands. He also completely smashes a mouser 'Hulk style' with a downward swing with both hands.
  • Scan 3: Splinter's tail swings so hard that it leaves shards of metal flying when he connects with a mouser's head.

Splinter runs a foot soldier gauntlet.

I'm not going to point out scans here, because I want to encourage people to check out each page. Splinter runs a gauntlet of the foot Army including A giant Foot soldier, two separate armies of foot soldiers, Alopex, and Karai. He uses hand to hand, a bo staff, and a katana. He also cuts an arrow in half shot by Karai in mid flight . Karai is starting to show the skills of being a highly skilled archer in comics, even with the standards of Hawkeye and Green Arrow.

Hamato Yoshi shows off more skill with a katana

Splinter demonstrates some of his master knowledge of sword play in a lesson with Leo

A masked Splinter attacks the turtles. He proves to his sons, that they have become too comfortable fighting only one style. Splinter demonstrates multiple fighting styles while owning the turtles for an entire issue.

Splinter uses low level superhuman physical strength and speed in these miscellaneous scans while fighting.

  • Scans 1 & 2: These show Splinter using his devastating palm thrusts. The first scan illustration shows the speed and power of his palm strikes.
  • Scan 3: Splinter uses his extreme strength to pummel Shredder to the ground with his staff
  • Scan 4: Splinter's kick is so powerful that it folds a foot soldier's body in half

If you enjoyed this, please check out my Shredder Respect Page!

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Splinter is a beast!! And I'm not saying that because he is an actual beast either. I'm serious, he is a mutated six-foot-tall Rat; he is an actual beast. But because of the scans. Lol

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Kinda hard to read the scans the way they are set up, but pretty good respect thread.

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Kinda hard to read the scans the way they are set up, but pretty good respect thread.

If you open the scans in a new tab its much easier to read.

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Great thread. Keep up the good work!

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I've heard it said that Splinter is a Zen master. That probably makes him one of the most famous in the world.

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@tparks: Superb work. May I suggest making one for the individual turtles as well? I know it's asking a lot, but a man can dream, right?

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@cadencev2 said:

Kinda hard to read the scans the way they are set up, but pretty good respect thread.

Ya, they are pretty messy. I'm reading these digital, and took the scans from my Ipad. They don't upload very well and do not let me format like I can with other pictures. I CAN fix the format, but it takes some busy work, so I'll get to that someday when I'm not feeling lazy (don't hold your breath). lol.

@wyldsong said:

Great thread. Keep up the good work!


@k4tzm4n said:

@tparks: Superb work. May I suggest making one for the individual turtles as well? I know it's asking a lot, but a man can dream, right?

Thanks! I plan on doing one of them as a team at some point, and adding links to 4 threads with feats of them as individuals. I'm not sure when I'll start, but I'll make sure to let you know.

Anyone else who wants to add to this, please feel free to contribute! I'm thinking there will be some good stuff coming with the conclusion of City Fall approaching. I'll keep adding whenever I get the chance too.

Also, if you're interested, I have a Shredder respect thread as well that could use some help! Shredder Respect Thread

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