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The story opens with Shang-Chi and Leiko at Pavane's country house outside London, torturing one of Velcro's henchmen. The henchman breaks and tells them that his brother is another Razorfist made by Carlton Velcro to replace the first Razorfist that Shang-Chi had previously killed. He also tells them that Velcro is hiding at Marquesas Island, South Pacific. Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu make plans to go there, but Sir Smith insists on calling (Black Tarr and Clive Reston) in as backup.

Shang-Chi and Leiko jump to the island from a plane and enter the fortress. There they split. Shang-Chi finds Razorfist II and a fight ensues. Razorfist II confronts Shang-Chi about the death of the first Razorfist, and Shang-Chi explains that it was actually Velcro that killed him. Razorfist II confronts Velcro in a brief confrontation that ends his life. At the end, Shang-Chi fights Velcro, defeating him when he cuts off his false arm. Shang-Chi and Leiko finally kiss.

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