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Bolivar Trask created a servitor/controller called Master Mold, (to control the threat posed my the emerging New species) who then created the Mark I Sentinels. However, the Sentinels' logic dictated that the most efficient way to deal with the "Mutant Menace" was to control their creators 'Humans'. It gave orders to its 'soldiers' to rebel against their 'creator', capture and return to the Master Mold to put phase I of it's plan into affect: the creation of a vast army of Sentinels to achieve it's Directive. Bolivar Trask realised that it was He, who had created the "threat". In his final hours He concluded it was down to him to make things right, HE had to destroy Master Mold, He sacrificed himself by triggering an explosion.


Master Mold was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Master Mold made it's first comic book appearance in X-Men #15.

Major Story Arcs


On one occasion, the future-Sentinel Nimrod in it's human guise of Nicholas Hunter came in contact with a module (one of many that survived the supposed 'destruction of the Mk III Master Mold) a remnant of the Master Mold, and was subjugated by it. The Master Mold now, contained two separate intelligences (in conflict) that of the Alpha Sentinel and the Omega. Suddenly, the combination of the Master Mold and Nimrod made it possible for 'them' to detect the presence of the X-Men (that until that moment, they had been invisible to All scanning devices).
Nimrod's logic contended that this was due to the Symbiosis that occurred on contact, it had somehow "mutated" them. Since the Master Mold was intent on destroying mutants, Nimrod now urged it to fulfill its Prime Directive by destroying itself. While the Mold-Nimrod synthesis was in conflict with itself, Rogue took the advantage and unbalanced the symbiot and threw it towards the Pans-dimensional portal within the "Siege Perilous". 

Versus the X-Men

Master Mold continued battling Nimrod for supremacy, created multiple arms to anchor itself and prevent it being pulled in by the portal's gravitational field, the X-Man, Dazzler, unleashed an energy blast that propelled the Mold-Nimrod amalgam through the portal (along with Rogue who emerged sometime later). It re-emerged as the Human/Sentinel hybrid Bastion. He went on to face the X-Men on Two occasions, the last ended with His defeat on Utopia.

Secret Avengers

Another Master Mold was recently seen acting as a sentry for synthetic being known as " Father", when Jim Hammond and Captain Britain tried to infiltrate The Parish, Master Mold erupted forth from the ground and overwhelmed Captain Britain. It then tried to convince Jim Hammond or "Grandfather" as it called him, to join The Descendents, take his rightful place as their leader and help destroy the human race once and for all.
Jim entered the head of the Master Mold sentry and commanded it to self-destruct, it did as it was told and almost entirely wiped out the city it had been created to defend.

Powers & Abilities

The Master Mold is the most advanced Sentinel of it's time (excluding Nimrod) - it has over the generations built into its systems, a repair program, utilizing metals and mechanical systems in it's vicinity, it can interface with computer systems and other A.I. it can reconstitute itself in different sizes, the arsenal at it's disposal includes various tracking and scanning systems, forcefields and a multitude of ray weaponry. Copies of it's program are integrated into multiple modules a "Cybernetic blueprint", if you will, the modules are expelled cockroach-like SO even though the progenitor is destroyed it can be 'reborn' to fight on.


  • Height: Variable, usually 30'
  • Weight: Variable, depends on available materials
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Skin: Depends on the materials present, but usually grey

In Other Media


Master Mold as seen in X-Men: TAS

X-Men The Animated Series: Master mold was created to eliminate all mutants, but it determined that since all mutants are human, all humans must be eliminated. it was destroyed when the Black Bird was manoeuvred into it. It was later partially recreated (only it's head was active) but was destroyed by the X-men with the help of former member Morph.

Wolverine and the X-men

A proto-type of Master Mold was created to deal with the Mutant threat. it was destroyed by the X-men. 20 years in a possible future, a female Master Mold has conquered the world and has all mutants working as slave labour. She was erased from history when the present day X-men stopped the Phoenix from wreaking havoc on New York, resulting in the sacrifice and destruction of Emma Frost.

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