The Master Chief Respect Thread

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I've been meaning to do this for a while. I've just started a Halo novel and already he's shown a feat.

I will be using feats from the book, but anyone is free to post feats from the game. Every time I come across a noteworthy feat I will post, after all the books are canon. I'll start off with one and update it later.

Taken from The Fall of Reach.

Explosive needles bounced off the Chief’s armor, detonating as they hit the ground. He saw the flash ofa plasma bolt—side stepped—and heard the air crackle where he had stood a split second before.

Showing his armor's durability. Note: That he was getting shot at by Grunts, referred to as well armed Grunts. They were also heavy in numbers.

One other problem: there were easily a thousand of them.

^ As shown.

Will post more later.

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Master Chief is a boss....

- From Halo : Uprising

- As a Teenager

- Master Chief and his skills

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This should be in the Master Chief forum.

I'll have to dig out my novels for John's best feats.

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Master Chief is awesome

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Here is another feat I came across:

Taken from The Fall of Reach

The Chief and his team sprinted up the half-kilometer sandstone slope in thirty-two seconds flat. The hill ended abruptly—a sheer drop of two hundred meters straight into the ocean.

Quite a good feat.

Also taken from The Fall of Reach

The fougasses were never meant to take down flying targets; the Spartans had put them there to mop upthe Grunts. In the field, though, you had to improvise. Another tenet of their training: adapt or die.

Not so much a feat but states that Spartans either adapt or die. The Chief must be pretty good at adapting.

From The Fall of Reach

Bolts of superheated plasma from the Banshees punctuated the air.The Chief dodged to the right, then to the left; he ducked. Their aim was getting better.

Dodges fire from attacking Banshees (though it is stated from the range of 50 meters, Chief wouldn't be dodging).

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@8bitGangsta said:

Master Chief is awesome

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Taken from The Fall of Reach

He went to the boxing ring, slipped through the ropes, and stood there waiting.This was starting to make sense. It was a mission. John had received orders from a superior officer, andthe four men were now targets.The big ODST pushed through the ropes and the others gathered to watch. “I’m going to rip you topieces, meat,” he grunted through clenched teeth.John sprang off his back foot and launched his entire weight behind his first strike. His fist smashed intothe man’s wide chin. John’s left hand followed and impacted on the soldier’s jaw.The man’s hands came up; John stepped in, pinned one of the man’s arms to his chest, and followedthrough with a hook to his floating ribs. Bones broke.The man staggered back. John took a short step, brought his heel down on the man’s knee. Three morepunches and the man was against the ropes . . . then he stopped moving, his arm and leg and neck til tedat unnatural angles.The three other men moved. The one with the bloody nose grabbed an iron bar. John didn’t need orders this time. Three attackers at once—he had to take them out before theysurrounded him. He might be faster, but he didn’t have eyes in the back of his head.The man with the iron bar swung a vicious blow at John’s ribs; John sidestepped, grabbed the man’shand, and clamped it to the bar. He twisted the bar and crushed the bones of his attacker’s wrist.John snapped a side kick toward the second man, caught him in the groin, crushing the soft organs andbreaking his target’s pelvis.John pulled the bar free—whipped around and caught the third man in the neck, hitting him so hard theODST was propelled over the ropes.“At ease, Number 117,” Chief Petty Officer Mendez barked. John obeyed and dropped the bar. Like the pin, it seemed to take too long for the impromptu weapon tohit the deck.The ODSTs lay crumpled on the ground, either unconscious or dead.

Takes on 3 ODST's in the Boxing rig. IIRC, before he was the Chief.

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Not sure on this. But I think this is a statement of Spartan armor. Someone will have to verify this.

From The Fall of Reach

“Yes. The trainers in those exoskeletons can run at thirty-two KPH, lift two tons, and have a thirty millimetermini gun mounted on self-targeting armatures—stun rounds, of course. They’re also equippedwith the latest motion sensors and IR scopes. And needless to say, their armor is impervious to standardlight weapons. It would take two or three platoons of conventional Marines to tAake that bunker.”

Statements on the speed of of Haysley's Spartans (Chief is included). Also taken from The Fall of Reach.

“Your Spartans can run at bursts of up to fifty-five KPH,” he explained. “Kelly can run a little faster, Ithink. They will only get quicker as they adjust to the ‘alterations’ we’ve made to their bodies. They canlift three times their body weight—which, I might add, is almost double the norm due to their increasedmuscle density. And they can virtually see in the dark.”

More info on Spartans

Dr. Halsey pondered this new data. “They should not be performing so well. There must be unexplained synergistic effects brought on by the combined modifications. What are their reaction times?” “Almost impossible to chart. We estimate it at twenty milliseconds,” Mendez replied. He shook his head, then added, “I believe it’s significantly faster in combat situations, when their adrenaline is pumping.” “Any physiological or mental instabilities?” “None. They work like no team I’ve ever seen before. Damn near telepathic, if you ask me. They were dropped in these caves yesterday, and I don’t know where they got black suits or the rope that for that maneuver, but I can guarantee they haven’t left this room. They improvise and improve and adapt. “And,” he added, “they like it. The tougher the challenge, the harder the fight . . . the better their morale becomes.” Dr. Halsey watched as the

Easily shrugs off a gun-shot wound

The three men, however, didn’t have that problem. They fired. John dove to his left. He caught three rounds in his side—knocking the breath from his body. One bullet penetrated his black suit. He felt it ping off his ribs and pain slashed through him like a red-hot razor. He ignored the wound and rolled to his feet. He had a clear line of fire. He squeezed the trigger once—a three-round burst caught the center guard in the forehead.

Comparing Spartans to regular humans

Halsey waved the video away. “Normal humans don’t have the reaction time or strength required to drive this system,” she explained. “You do. Your enhanced musculature and the metal and ceramic layers that have been bonded to your skeletonshould be enough to allow you to harness the armor’s power. There has been . . . insufficient computer modeling, however. There will be some risk. You’ll have to move very slowly and deliberately until you get a feel for the armor and how it works. It cannot be powered down, nor can the response be scaled back. Do you understand?”

John, gets into his armor

John focused his mind on motion. He leaped over a three-meter-high wall. He punched at concrete targets—shattering them. He threw knives, sinking them up to their hafts into target dummies. He slid under barbed wire as bullets zinged over his head. He stood, and let the rounds deflect off the armor. To amazement, he actually dodged one or two of the rounds.

@Deranged Midget: It would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a bunch of Halo comic books, so I have some scans.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: there are more than 2 halo comics ?

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There are a couple. Just click on his wiki.

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@Asoriano said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Well according to the S2 Augmentations the Spartans reaction time pre Mjonir is 20 millseconds, a normal human is 215 milleseconds

10.75 times faster than human, round it to 11

The Mjolnir armor multiplies it by 5, that's 55 times faster than a human's

Not to mention they are faster when they are in combat/pumping adrenaline.

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ok so let me get this straight...

without armor:

runs 19 miles per hour

bench press 2 tons

with armor= 5x normal

95 miles per hour

10 tons, correct? just wanna get the facts straight

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@ghostrider fan1 said:

ok so let me get this straight...

without armor:

runs 19 miles per hour

bench press 2 tons

with armor= 5x normal

95 miles per hour

10 tons, correct? just wanna get the facts straight

They can actually bench press more than 2 tons. The except you read was about the trainer's exoskeleton robot things.

Master Chief has displayed the ability to lift and flip Warthogs, which are about 3.5 metric tons, so he can maybe, with MJOLNIR bench press 15 + tons.

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It also stated that two Spartans were moving so faster when sparring that they appeared as a blur to Captain Keyes, putting their speed in the superhuman range.

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Halo Uprising. Slaughters the Covenant.

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