"Halo Legends" Animated Shorts Coming In February 2010

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Good news for Halo fans.  Here's your chance to go deeper into the Halo universe than ever before.  Halo Legends, an all-new, CG and traditional anime will be on DVD and Blu-ray on February 9, 2010.  This is produced by 343 Industries, a part of Microsoft Game Studios.
Halo Legends is a seven-story anthology which will be told across eight episodes.  They will explore the origin and historical events of the Halo universe including its intriguing characters.  Halo Legends has been created in the same format as The Animatrix and Batman Gotham Knight with each episode imagined by a cutting-edge, renowned Japanese anime director/animator, including Shinji Aramaki, Hideki Futamura, Mamoru Oshii, Tomoki Kyoda and Yasushi Muraki.  The episodes range in length between 10 and 17 minutes which gives almost two hours of animated adventures.
The 2 Disc Special Edition will have several hours of bonus features including:
  • The Making Of Halo Legends - An introduction followed by a making-of segment for each episode.
  • Halo: Gaming Evolved - Explaining the Halo phenomenon from the beginning.
  • Audio Commentary with directors Frank O'Connor and Joseph Chou
  • Widescreen (1.78:1)
The Blu-ray will be loaded with bonus materials as well, including all the extras from the 2-disc version as well as Halo: The Story So Far, an overview of the Halo universe up until the end of Halo 3.
Halo Legends will be rated PG-13.  The suggested retail prices will be $19.98 for the single disc, $29.98 for the 2-disc version and $34.99 for the Blu-ray.  We all know that most stores (and online sites) will be selling them for less than that.  Will you be getting Halo Legends?  Do you want to know about the Halo universe?
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Looks pretty sweet!

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Hey, read my name! Yeah anyway, this looks hawt. I've had my eye on Halo Legends for a while. Can't wait for the Spielburg movie to finalize though. That'll be even hotter!
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I wonder how people will take it...

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have you people seen the clip baby sitter of halo legends 
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At first I wasnt sure it would work as an anime, but after watching the 5 min preview it just blew my mind away....although I still wish they had done something different with it i'm still pretty excited that this is coming out ;)
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Halo+Linkin Park x Anime=RAWK HARD AWESOME!!!

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