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When the Canadian government managed to uncover a Dial, they had it tested out by W-1 Mason Jones, who used it several times. He first appeared as FallBoy to battle Flamewar, Nelson Jent's identity when he was delivering information to a moderator of 'Leakspace.' During the fight, he was hampered by the fact that he was using the S-I-D-E- Dial, which turned him into a sidekick that instinctively tried to follow the orders of heroes. He was extracted from the situation and brought back to their headquarters.

When Nelson broke in as The Glimpse, Mason was ordered to dial again by the Centipede, who was testing out a theory. Turning into the Bristol Bloodhound, he was directed by The Glimpse to aid in his escape. He directed him to his and Roxie's meeting place, where he tied him up before he changed back into Mason. He was in a semi-comatose state but still able to reply to them. They put Mason in a cab and paid for him to be taken to the ER.

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