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Mashiro is the most unusually and unique member of Vizard. She was the former lieutenant of the 9th Division under Kensei. One day while on a mission she and Kenshi were ambushed and their Vizard abilities were awakened. They later joined the other Vizard in the real world. She later watches (and presumably fights) Ichigo while he is in his inner world to control his inner hollow, which he succeeds in subduing him. She is at first startled when Orihime Inoue enters the Vizards' warehouse, but is soon annoyed by her when Hachigen Ushoda begins taking an interest in her. When Ichigo and his friends leave for Hueco Mundo, she picks up an unknown package (which is really from Ichigo), which she gives to Shinji which contained bandages.

Fake Karakura Town Arc

She is seen with the other Vizards, preparing to join the fight with the Espada, although as to what actions they will take remains unclear.

Powers & Abilities

Mashiro's Hollow mask

Other than using a Zanpakto Mashiro is an expert in hand to hand combat while in the advanced state of hollowfication. Mashiro has proven to be quite aggressive as using her skill and agility in this area by launching a devastating attack against then 3rd Division Captain Rose. When she uses her Hollow powers her legs are transformed, gaining an insect like appearance, and possess great strength and speed, making her jumps seem like flight. Strangely she can use her hollow powers for 15 hours which is the longest any of the Vizard have reached.

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