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Maseo Yamashiro was the Husband of the Samurai Katana. They had 2 kids and were childhood sweethearts. Katana picked Maseo over his brother, Takeo Yamashiro, and this angered him. Maseo and his family were later attacked by Takeo and Maseo was killed in the fight, along with the children. This caused Katana to start her superhero life.  


Being revived by Takeo
Maseo was later revived, along with Blowdart, Nunchaku, Shuriken, and Anthor Stoneaxe, out of the soultaker, which is what was used to kill him, so he was forced to help in a plot to kill Katana. He, and the rest of the revived warriors, had to fight the Outsiders on 2 occasions. He had to fight Katana twice, the first time forcing her to retreat. In the second battle he begged her to kill him and he was killed, once again by the soultaker. He the then returned back to the realm from which he was summoned. 

Blackest Night
Maseo as a Black Lantern

Maseo was revived by a Black Power Ring, along with his children, who found and fought Katana, Halo, Creeper, and Killer Croc. He was eventually killed by Halo, who blast him with light that the ring could not withstand.

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