Sam Raimi Still Wants Kirsten Dunst As Mary Jane

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Most people are simply not happy with the casting choice of Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane in the Spider-Man movies.  After the third, it looked like perhaps we'd get a new cast and director.  Tobey Maguire, Dunst and Raimi all seemed ready to move on.  Word came out that Raimi and Maguire were back on board.  Dunst said she'd do another if they were all in it.  For some reason, she hasn't been confirmed as of yet.  Raimi has publicly stated that he would love to have Dunst return but it almost sounded like it was out of his hands.

According to Sci Fi Wire Raimi just told a group of reporters that he is set to meet with Dunst to talk about her reprising the role.

They also asked Raimi if Spider-Man would go the edgy route to align with The Dark Knight and Watchmen.   He doesn't rule it out, saying it's really up to the screenwriter.
Edgy could be a direction, but I don't think it will be applied without really understanding the character's journey from the inside out first and then figuring out the best way to bring that about.

What Raimi really wants to do is explore the nature of Peter Parker and what makes him a unique and human character.  That's fine as long as he doesn't start crying again.

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I would have preferred another actress but she didn't do that bad! I wish they would have portrayed her a little more confident though.

#2 Posted by G-Man (19481 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree that she wasn't as horrible as a lot of people say.  She just wasn't necessarily the right choice.  Mary Jane is a supermodel and, as you say, more confident.  Dunst just didn't capture that.

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i agree with you guys but seriously she really isnt a red head and she isn't even that good of a actress i would much rather see Black Cat in this movie.

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i was really hoping for a complete reboot

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I was hoping for a reboot to myself and have it connect to the new Marvel Movie Universe but if its the original cast you know that that idea will never happen.

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i like her i think they should keep her

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I wanted them to reboot it also and bring it into the rest of the Marvel Movie Universe.  For them to do that though, I think Marvel Studios would have to buy the movie rights back from Sony.

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They could have found someone better, but now that she has been in three movies already they should keep her.

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Find another Mary Jane, Kristin is alright but i want someone who screams mary jane.

#10 Posted by Samuraikenpo (142 posts) - - Show Bio

what is with people and rebooting movies i get that everyone wishes they just re did it but i aint got room on my movie shelf for the same dam  movie just redone 8 different times cause well people didnt like that one. Punisher need i say more!

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All I'm saying is that if they move the story on and jump like 5 or 6 years in the film's continuity, there's no reason why MJ couldn't be a model/soap opera star or something. 

What screwed the pooch for Dunst was Bryce Dallas Howard.  That took away from Mary Jane so much to where all she could do was sing in a musical, get canned, and then go dancing in a kitchen with Harry.  I mean, after watching Howard in Spidey 3, I almost wish she would have been cast as MJ from the jump.

Much like Ultimate Spidey, if you bring in MJ first, DON'T throw Gwen Stacy in the mix.  But I wouldn't be surprised if Raimi and the screenwriters decide to make Gweny the Black Cat.  Hmm?

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Even though she's not the best for the role, she still did ok job. The only thing I want them rebooting is Daredevil.

#13 Posted by Firestormnuclerman (2097 posts) - - Show Bio

Who else screams Mary Jane that is a talented curvy actress? Rachel Mcadams or is that just me?

#14 Posted by wordchallenge (139 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, I didn't think she was that bad in the role.  She can act and it seemed to me that she the best she could with how it was written.  Bring her back for continuity's sake at least.

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no way there should be a reboot

dunst may not be the hottest chick in the world but she came across very well as maguire's love intrest. plus the casual fans love her(and toby for that matter).

film 4 just needs to be a kick arse, action packed, well written classic that has the masses anxiously waiting for the next instalment (like film 2), and after the overly long mess that was film 3 i think it will be.

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She is fit to play Mary Jane.

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If it's going to have Tobey in it, they should stick with Dunst for continuity and all.  She was never my favorite choice for the part but she played the first two movies well enough.  Spidey 3 was just a train wreck all the way around.  Maybe Raimi can just call this next one Spider-Man 3A and pretend the other #3 never happened.

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I need to see a script.....this movie could be good.

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I'd rather have her than a new one, but I won't freak out if she is replaced

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I like Dunst and although there may be someone more fitting for the part you cant go an replace your lead actress 4 movies into a franchise.

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I wouldn't mind if they found someone else to play Mary Jane. It's too bad Marvel didn't choose Bryce Dallas Howard (Gwen Stacy) to play MJ originally.
Yeah yeah I know, it's not about looks it's about acting. So get ready for Megan Fox.

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Its ok in my book.

#23 Posted by Silver Knight75 (1131 posts) - - Show Bio

Kirsten's gotta stay. She's great for it.

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I hated Kirsten Dunst as MJ Watson. I don't think the new actress can do worse.

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