Question about "getting rid" of their marriage

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Okay I basically get One More Day, was to just basically give them a "divorce" of sorts. Granted its like a soap opera kind, lol. But I remember someone commenting either here or maybe on wiki that they wanted to get rid of the marriage cause it made Spiderman seem old. Well I know this is dumb to ask, but well Sue and Richard have been together for a while. No one's tried getting rid of their marriage. Plus so far Emma's been with Cyclops for how long now? True not as long as Jean was with him, but well aren't they considered a couple? Or do they not count cause they're not married? And DC comics gave Batman a son in Damien, biological. I mean I may be wrong but wouldn't a kid make a character look more older than a havin' them stayed married? I'm not asking if anyone wants them back, or somethin'. It just sounds silly that the excuse is she was making him look "old".

But then again the whole they want him single again could be just as silly. Maybe. I'm not a writer^^;. Cause well if that was a case, a divorce does sound more believable than Mephisto's desiring to erase their marriage. Comic characters get married and divorce as fast as a story.

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@aztek_the_lost: True. It's not like they already had popular and criticly acllaimed series about young Spider-Man, giving readers such stories.

Peter WAS suposed to be that. His character evolved into something diffrent,

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