Is there any comic where it ends with a happy relationship?

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So I'm a sucker for a good super hero relationship, especially if I like the female character as much as I like the male one. Is there any Spiderman comic out there where MJ and Peter end up together and the comic ends in sort of a happy tone? I don't want a comic where they are already in a relationship. I'm more looking for something where it starts off as they are just friends, or maybe haven't even met, and then as the story progresses, they fall in love and then eventually end up together. I would also like it if the art looked relatively modern, along the lines of the early Ultimate Spiderman art or like the image below. Any thing fit the bill?

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Guess not?

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@LiquidPrince: I think Blackbolt, Reed Richards, and Mr. Miracle are all still married and happy about it!

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@infonation said:

@LiquidPrince: I think Blackbolt, Reed Richards, and Mr. Miracle are all still married and happy about it!

That's because there hasn't been a writer/editor who is interested with making Reed Richards single as he's too boring for them.

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I'd track down Spider-Girl if I were you.

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@infonation: Black Bolt / Medusa: I'm pretty sure their marriage isn't entirely happy - I mean, the guy never shuts up! No, seriously, it's not like he can make an O face when she's giving him a hummer otherwise the castle comes crashing down. Plus his half crazy brother keeps taking over and has sex with his wife. Not a happy relationship.

Reed Richards / Sue Storm: I'm pretty sure their relationship is a bit of a sham. When they have a fight, she walks off to visit Namor and comes back walking funny. Not that he would notice, he's the archetypal nerd, with his face buried in computer screens or in another dimension. I guess she doesn't mind the smell of fish.

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@Overseer said:

I'd track down Spider-Girl if I were you.

Any specific series of issues? I'd prefer it if it was a self contained story.

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