Does anyone wonder if they'll get back together?

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I liked them together, they just seemed to fit. They were like Superman and Lois, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Black Panther and Storm(true no one knows if they'll last but I hope they do:)). I'm kinda hoping they'll find a loophole and be able to stay together. I never thought Peter seemed old with being married to MJ, I liked their pairing. I admit with Brand New Day, I am glad they brought Harry back. I'm just hoping they'll find something. I want them back together, but I don't wanna see Harry die. Heh, who knows. 
What do you guys think? 
Note: Don't wanna here Mary Jane haters to come and spam this. I am asking a question. Whether you like Mary Jane or not thats your opinion. So no flamers please^^;;

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yes I hope they get back together
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I agree, its one of those things where its not  a case of being stuck in the past, its simply that it was perfect how it was.

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I blame Civil War for this as if it never happened, they would still be together, because Peter wouldn't have made the deal and make him forget.  
I do really wish they would get back together.

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me too
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I completly agree!

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   Joe Q doesn't want them together, so it doesn't matter what anyone wants. As long as he's in charge, there's no hope. And time becomes less and less likely. In a few years, the young Spider-Fans won't know he was ever married in the first place... 
   But...I'd LOVE to have the old continuity restored. I miss Mary Jane very much. Me? I've dropped all Spider titles untill she's back with his wife. If she never comes back, then I guess I and Spiderman have parted company for good. Besides, there's a world of comics out there, most of which aren't under Joe Q's thumb.
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@John_Feaster: Again sir, you are awesome
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If they do get back together, I wonder if they'll come up with a viable and acceptable storyline to accomplish it.   
Sometimes things like "One more day" can shake a person's faith in what the creators and editorial staff is willing to do and allow.
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I without a doubt know that they WILL BE BACK TOGETHER, because of change in the editor in chief has changed just at the beginning of this very month. I DO agree that I loved their pairing for it was what reattached me to the character as a whole back in 1987. Although I'd loved the W

ebhead since nineteen seventy eight, still I believe growth is better than regression of any fictional character unless it's done right like the new STAR TREK 2009 can go wherever if they want it too without hurting anything of what was laid out before it!  BRING BACK THE SPIDER COUPLE MARVEL and look at Stan's take on "ONE MORE DAY"    Spider Man Crawlspace - All Spidey, All the time. Created by Brad Douglas in 1998  

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Yes I wonder if they will, I am almost certain they will, for a little while, then break up, then get teased back together again, almost contrary to popular belief Marvel doesn't hate Mary Jane, they just like the tension and story potential available to them by the two being close but at a flirting friends stage. Ongoing comics and characters have always been cyclical, the skill is changing it around each time to make it interesting. Maybe when Spider-man loses popularity in 20 years due to the aliens invading and eating all our trees and computers, Marvel might let Spidey and Mary Jane marry and grow old and die in one issue. 


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