Dead baby?

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I know that this story doesn't have much effect anymore because MJ and Peter's marriage was dissolved, but it still bugs me. Everyone talks that MJ lost her baby, she was dead at birth. But there was some hints that this was all part of Green Goblin's evil plan. I think it was retconned out earlier, and instead of a child, Aunt May was brought back. So, after seeing these pictures, what are your reactions, dead baby or evil conspiracy.

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I think that Alison Mongrain still has the baby, but it's doubtful if we'll ever see this resolved.

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Yeah, I still say she took the kid.  Norman tried having her killed.  Also isn't this what (the now canceled) Spider-Girl alluded to? Maybe the Scriers still have little May.  It's always pissed me off that Marvel went against this.  They tried making a big deal about them getting married then a big deal about MJ being pregnant and Spidey having a kid.  They must have decided that kids wouldn't want to read about Spidey changing diapers.  Heaven forbid a hero actually having a kid.  I guess it's okay for Wolverine to have loads of illegitimate kids running around that he doesn't even know about.  He's still cool enough to sell to the kids.


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