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The main character of SLG Publishing's Wonderland. The White Rabbit's neat-freak maid whom her boss initially mistook Alice for because of her pinafore and human appearance, even though Mary-Ann's hair is short and black and she is quite possibly a short adult. Mary-Ann is quite poor. She is happiest when scrubbing something within an inch of it's life and abhors filth. She is somewhat like Adrian Monk (from USA Network's tv show, Monk) in that aspect. She lives in a tiny hut in the Slowsand Lands, under a teetering boulder on a ledge that is more than twice the size of her house. Her closest friends are her talking feather duster and her boss. Her worst friend is the Cheshire Cat, who causes an endless sea of trouble for her. The comic later suggests that she and Alice may be the same person, but that they cannot exist in the same realm at the same time, as Alice only appears when Mary-Ann falls asleep. Mary-Ann doesn't really have any dreams or ambitions and is unsure of her own loyalties, but when her boss is threatened with death by the Queen of Hearts, she takes him on a journey to find out about the "Alice Monster" in hopes of clearing his name. Instead, they discover the missing Queen of Spades, the Alice Cult, and a couple of conspiracies. The Alice Cult notices the similarities between Mary-Ann and Alice, and ask her to lead their rebellion, but she refuses. After the Queen of Spades confronts the Queen of Hearts, she reveals her treachery in disposing of the Diamond and Club queens. Mary-Ann receives a gift from Alice and uses it to cut both queens down. The throne is open, but she rejects the crown, so the Cheshire Cat steps in and quickly turns Wonderland upside-down, until the Duchess steps in. In the end, the castle is gone and Wonderland is in a peaceful state of anarchy. Whether the White Rabbit lost his house to the Heart Card Guards or the Cream Flood, Mary-Ann takes him into her hut, despite the 6 tons of potential doom teetering over their heads.

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