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Marvin White is a twin and was born five minutes before his sister Wendy. He is very smart and graduated from M.I.T. on his sixteenth birthday. Even though he was born before his sister, Wendy, her I.Q. by is higher by 2 points.


Marvin was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ernie Chan (Chua).

Character Evolution

Super Friends

Marvin Harris

The Super Friends comic which follows the Super Friends T.V. show, included a back story in which Marvin was the son or grandson of Diana Prince, the nurse who allowed the golden age Wonder Woman to use her identity.

Modern Age: New Earth

Marvin White

During Infinite Crisis, Marvin and Wendy were needed to help Cyborg with his repairs. After proving their worth, Wendy and Marvin became caretakers to Titans Tower. Unfortunately when Marvin and Wendy come across a stray dog on Titan's Island, they are lured into a trap by Lycus. Wonderdog attacks and Marvin is killed, while Wendy barely survives. Following this incident, it is revealed that Wendy and Marvin are the Calculator's children.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age: New Earth

The end for Marvin?

When Kid Eternity joins the team following Marvin's death, he does not fit in with the new group. Eternity summons Marvin to give him tips about being on the Teen Titans. After a battle with the newly replenished Fearsome Five, who were hired by the Calculator to enact revenge against the Teen Titans, Kid Eternity was captured by the Calculator. Eternity was being forced to constantly summon Marvin back from the dead so that the Calculator can bond with him until Kid Eternity could no longer transform into Marvin, so Calculator had him brutally murdered.

Powers and Abilities

Marvin has a genius level intellect.

Other Media


Super Friends

Super Friends

Marvin and Wendy made their debut in 1973 in the first season of The Super Friends. He was originally called Marvin Harris. Junior Super Friends Wendy and Marvin were later replaced in the later 70's with Zan and Jayna, two shape shifting twins from the planet Exxor. Due to the fact that the show was "violent"

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