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Reprints Fantastic Four #31 - Mole Man lowers blocks of New York City into his realm. Sue is injured in the ensuing battle and can only be saved by a surgery performed by her escaped felon father.

Reprints Tales of Suspense #64 - Iron Man fights with Hawkeye and the Black Widow.

Reprints Tales of Suspense #57 - Space Pirates plan to attack a planet for it's gold and platinum from a neighbouring world inhabited by the Watcher. Thinking he will not interfere. Their plans are halted and they are imprisoned on a hostile world by the Watcher, because they targeted the Watcher's home world, the one planet that he can interfere with.

Reprints Strange Tales #132 - Dr. Strange discovers one of Mordo's Demons has taken over his sanctum! Using a disguise from a costume shop, Strange bluffs his way into his own house. But when he tries to consult the "All-Seeing Eye", he finds out it's been mystically booby-trapped, sending a signal to Mordo & Dormammu of his whereabouts! Mordo arrives and battles Strange fiercely. As Strange is about to use a potent spell, Dormammu speaks thru his "partner", and Strange suddenly realizes who is behind the attacks -- just before he vanishes from sight.

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