cosmic_sentinel's Marvels #4 - The Day She Died review

An Emotional Conclusion

Legendary artist, Alex Ross, teams with writer, Kurt Bursiek, to deliver the history of the Marvel Universe from the perspective of one of it's more normal inhabitants. Issue 4 deals with a more personal story than previous issues as it looks into the life and death of Gwen Stacy. Sheldon helps Gwen investigate the death of her father, blamed on Spider-Man by the media, and in doing so sees the Marvels with the awe that she does as Atlantis invades New York. The death of Gwen Stacy was something of a watershed in comics. This was one of the first times a superhero (Spider-Man) had failed to save someone and Sheldon's shock as he waits to capture Spider-Man's victory on camera reflects that of the readers of Amazing Spider-Man #121. The art is amazing, of course, as is the writing and there is the usual references to other events.


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