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The Greatest Show on Earth

Legendary artist, Alex Ross, teams with writer, Kurt Bursiek, to deliver the history of the Marvel Universe from the perspective of one of it's more normal inhabitants. Issue 2 deals with the arrival of the beloved Avengers and the Fantastic Four as well as the feared X-Men. Again, we observe the action from the sidelines with the hopes and fears of New York's ordinary citizens. During the creation of this project, Ross and Bursiek realised that the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm must have occured the same day as the sentinel attack and subsequent anti-mutant riots. The irony is not lost on the protagonist, Phil Sheldon as he hides a mutant child from his hostile neighbors.


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    Of all of the four regular issues of the Marvels, issue two shows off how much research must have gone into the making of these books. To figure out the timelines, and decide what happened at the same time as other occurences around the Marvel Universe.In this issue, Phil represents us, and our paranoia of things that are different. Here we see the different way The public treats heroes like the Avengers, vs. the X-men, just because they were born with their powers. Including the mob scenes, in ...

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