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Phil Sheldon continues his career as a photographer of the "Marvels". He's taking photos of the Avengers. He's talking about making a book of his collected photos.

The X-men make their appearance, Sheldon is sees a group of humans surrounding them cursing and yelling at them. Sheldon stands behing the crowd and as the crowd begins hurling rocks and bricks at the X-men Sheldon does too. His brick hits Iceman on the head and as Iceman is about to retaliate Cyclops says "They're not worth it".

Sheldon is haunted by his attack on the X-men, he feels guilty. Popular opinion says they are villians, enemies of the people, but Sheldon is haunted by Cyclop's words.

Alicia Masters is having a show of her sculptures and Sheldon is sent to work the show, and hopefully snap some shots of the Fantastic Four. The Thing is still shunned as an ugly creature, but at least hes not a mutie.

Sheldon is home after the party and it appears his daughters have taken on a stray animal as they are smuggling food from the dinner table.

A mob of humans are rumming through the streets looking for a mutant in Sheldon's neighborhood. When he gets home he learns that his daugthers weren't sneaking food for a dog or a cat, but for a little mutant girl. A girl with large black eyes and a skeleton like face. The girl is crying, and Sheldon's girls are crying, asking him to protect the girl from the mob.

Sheldon isn't sure of what to do. He goes to the library and reads about the good things the X-men have been reported doing, but looks at the paper to see the threat they were supposed to be. He seeks out the X-men to ask for help, but when he finally gets a chance to see him he gets afraid they might remember him and chickens out.

Reed and Sue of the Fantastic Four get married and Sheldon is there taking pictures of the wedding.

After the wedding Sheldon goes down to a bar to meet some other business people, and on the TV is a debate between Professor Xavier of the X-men and Bolivar Trask about the mutant menace. Trask reveals his Sentinels, and they promptly capture Xavier and then turn on trask. The TV goes out.

The Sentinels appearance on TV creates widespread riots among the humans, calling people out to be mutants and attacking them. After a while it doesn't matter who is what, the people are just destroying everything in their path.

The Sentinels fly over head and the riots stop. Sheldon runs home in frenzy worried about his family and the little mutant girl, but when he arrives he learns that the little girl has left. His daughters are crying but his family is safe. The letter explains that the little girl was thankful, and that she left because she didn't want to his family to be harmed because of her.

The TV explains the outcome. The Sentinels have mysteriously dissapeared, and the X-men were seen nearby the place they dissapeared.

This issue was nominated for an Eisner award for best single issue in 1994.

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