cosmic_sentinel's Marvels #1 - A Time of Marvels review

In the beginning.

Legendary artist, Alex Ross, teams with writer, Kurt Bursiek, to deliver the history of the Marvel Universe from the perspective of one of it's more normal inhabitants. Issue 1 deals with Marvel's "Golden Age", from inventor Phineas Horton's creation, The Human Torch (not Johnny Storm) to Captain America and the superhuman intervention in World War 2. There are numerous references to events in a number of comics that many readers won't be aware off as they were first printed in the late 30s and early 40s. This is a first step in the authors' efforts to chronicle the events of the Marvel Universe and is a spectacular start. Alex Ross's art is amazing and this was one of the comics that helped to make his name within the comic book community. The art is of a standard whereby this book could just be looked at to be enjoyed. The story is well written and helps to immerse the reader in the early days of the Marvel Universe at street, rather than rooftop, level. Bursiek also provides an amusing early look at J. Jonah Jameson, before he is editor of the Daily Bugle.


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    Great art but poor story. 0

    This issue of Marvels contains strong and realistic art by Alex Ross but the story ruined the art.The story can be only understood if you read it multiple times and read every single Marvel comic ever published. The story about the Human Torch and Namor was poor because one minute, they were war partners and another minute, they hate each other to bits. What was that all about??? The whole five part series features on the same photographer, it would be really nice to change the main character!!!...

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    From The Longbox: Marvels #1 0

    So the first issue of the Marvels series begins with ... well the beginning.It starts in the forties on a slow news day. We meet Phil Sheldon who will be taking on the human element of our story. In this first issue, we have Phil looking for his way in the world. At the same time, we witness the birth of the superhero. Matched with the thought of uselessness a man might feel when he meets his own mortality, the heroes have to find their acceptence from a society that does not know how to deal wi...

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