X-Men Vs Spider-Man

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Which comic book character/team series do you like better??
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#3 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29499 posts) - - Show Bio


#4 Posted by Primmaster64 (21138 posts) - - Show Bio

Hasn't  made a fool out of the X-Men already?

#5 Posted by redglassbowl (19 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, the writing in X-Men has suffered... But, Slott seems to have Spider-Man under control.

#6 Edited by 7am_Waking_Up_In_The_Morning (3578 posts) - - Show Bio

Hm. I think both issues are good.

#7 Posted by Illuminatus (9503 posts) - - Show Bio
@7am_Waking_Up_In_The_Morning: Somewhere there is a bridge desperately missing your company. Show your affection and crawl back under it.
#8 Posted by Erik (32058 posts) - - Show Bio


What the hell is this?

#9 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1017 posts) - - Show Bio

Used to be the X-Men but the modern teams suck. Spidey for the easy win.

#10 Posted by Illuminatus (9503 posts) - - Show Bio
@Erik said:


What the hell is this?

A moderately amusing attempt at trolling, I should say. I even chuckled slightly upon seeing it.
#11 Posted by TheAcidSkull (17797 posts) - - Show Bio

spider-man rocks compared to x-men right now , seriously slott is doing a wonderful job, i can't wait to see the next issue of NO Turning Back

#12 Posted by Blood1991 (8098 posts) - - Show Bio

I still prefer the X-Men.

#13 Posted by docteejay (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Spiderman i say

#14 Posted by fodigg (6146 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man, although X-Men are a close second.

#15 Posted by Rabbitearsblog (5834 posts) - - Show Bio

At the moment, Spider-Man since I'm not really interested in the current X-Men stories.

#16 Posted by spiderbuck (2452 posts) - - Show Bio

the Spider-Men arc is pretty good, and AvX has long ago taken a turn for the ugh. So yeah.

#17 Posted by _slim_ (13075 posts) - - Show Bio

@Blood1991 said:

I still prefer the X-Men.

#18 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1801 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man. X-Men have never really been my thing

#19 Posted by guttridgeb (4831 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man, I like the humour

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