With what Marvel been doing have you ever felt like ....

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OR EVEN doing this (going Scanners) to a particular writer, or some other person in Marvel


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Yea but that's not just a Marvel thing, that's with every publisher we just don't talk about the other publishers because they don't matter enough.

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I've reached a point with Marvel that I only have two of their books on my pull list - and one of them isn't even out yet.

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Not really, I'm enjoying a lot of the stuff they're putting out at the moment.

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Nearest I come lately is Bendis' dialogue.

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Yes, Marvel went down the toilet for me in the early 2000s.

IDW's G.I.Joe remains badass and DC is getting the job done just fine IMHO.

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Every publisher has their issues, but Marvel is by far the most disappointing recently

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Well I am currently banning Marvel from my pull list until Superior Spiderman is over but I was getting pretty pissed at them before that.

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Sometimes but I'd say I'm doing the same with DC too. It helps that I don't expect the same writing style that people got in the 80s because it's not the 80s anymore. Once I do that it isn't very hard to just look at the material for what it is.

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Me and Marvel are on good terms for right now......

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Well the way im seeing things both animation and comic wise now is there is a huge lack of continuity between the 2 forms of entertainment. Perfect example is the avengers it seems like every other adaption has the avengers going from an unstoppable force fighting reoccurring super villains with ease to going into another adaption and getting curb stomped by the very same foes I love marvel to death and have read and watched nearly everything marvel but the future of marvel is starting to show a lot of fogginess concerning what they have built the characters from back in the beginnings of there creation im not saying im disappointed in anyway whatsoever im just having a hard time enjoying the new adaptions of my favorites when they go from one issue being a what they were created to be then the next issue its almost like a different character but marvel is an awesome entertainment company and I will always love it no matter how weird the newer things are getting

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I still love Marvel myself, but it's getting harder now to actually take in the new changes they are doing towards the characters. I actually wished that Marvel would try to stop putting up so many events that would interrupt or change any character development that happens to the characters and force them into situations that wasn't prepared ahead of time. Hopefully, the characters will get better in the future.

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Not really. In terms of overall quality, I find that Marvel Now supersedes DC's New 52.

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Well in the past, but most recently that's been my reaction towards DC. I'm actually enjoying a lot of the stuff Marvel is putting out.

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I hate Marvel and DC now. Marvel died around 2010, and DC died in September 2011.

I only read Image and Dark Horse now. Haven't looked back.

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I hate Marvel and DC now. Marvel died around 2010, and DC died in September 2011.

I only read Image and Dark Horse now. Haven't looked back.

That's mainly what I read also. I barely picked up a new Marvel book ever since.

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Well yes.I currently hate Marvel and I really think that half of their titles shouldn't be even going out.

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Yes, at times.

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Yes, and no. It's complicated.

Firstly I am frustrated because it seems like 20+ years ago there were more characters being developed, story arcs were original, and character depth and interactions were more natural and "fresh". Thor actually dealt with the myths behind the character, the Hulk was an anti-hero with actual limitations and Bruce Banner wasn't an abandoned after thought, the X-Men stayed together but had arguments about how the team was to be run and had realistic clashes. Today the "Age of..." thing keeps taking the characters and taking a fresh dump on established continuity. I really would beg Marvel to stop all of the crossovers until they can set up something worthwhile. As of right now a new crossover where a few characters die but get brought back in a new series every six months is getting annoying. Wolverine needs to have a couple of stories (one with the X-Men and one where he gets annoyed with them and takes a hiatus to do solo adventures), Bruce Banner needs to be the character depth behind the Hulk instead of the Hulk being green for months at a time just doing his thing while Banner is left high and dry (it's a Jekyll and Hyde relationship afterall), have Thor battle old/new enemies involved with the mythos and ragnarok (where's Surtur, or the dwarves, or travelling across the 9 realms, or...) because that's what Thor was started on and he doesn't just fight Loki.

That being said I have seen some progress and there is a good chance that Marvel can really run with the cultural need for super heroes that they've created. Ant-Man has a movie coming out and Dr. Strange might as well. This is huge because it might respark interest in these characters if they are introduced to the mainstream media (i'd say 95% of the population wouldn't know squat about either character as of now). Marvel NOW! might have room to move characters in a new direction that might pay homage to the roots of each comic's origins. The 90's and 2000's really decimated a lot of continuity and lore with the popularization of just a few characters and a sudden need to "save" the dying comics industry. Now that there is such a strong renewed interest in comics for the general audience maybe we can get some really awesome stories.

P.S.- I wish comic writers would stick with a character for a while like they used to (I understand not all are good). Chris Claremont's X-Men is legendary and explosively creative, Simonson with Thor, and let's not forget Lee and Kirby starting and writing so many characters for years.

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This is a touchy subject, to be sure. On the one hand, I've tuned out from Marvel for a long time due to their Event driven business model. Ever since House of M, it seems as though Marvel was locked in an endless cycle of status quo shake-ups with less than logical fallout. I mean, if the Skrulls invaded Earth wholesale, the last person I would trust to pick up the pieces would be a guy whose greatest claim to fame was as a schizophrenic super-villain. That would be like Gotham handing over the keys to the city to the Joker after No Mans Land. Marvel treated their biggest titles like cash-cows kept constantly within chopping distance of the blade, almost extorting readers to keep buying the title lest they miss the issue showcasing out hero's quixotic sacrifice.

As of late, however, I've been pleased by Marvel NOW injecting a few desperately needed breaths of fresh air into their universe. Banner is pragmatically dealing with his Hulkitis for the first time in...well, ever. The Avengers are sporting an exciting roster of non-classics. I'm even down with Dan Slott's Dr. Spiderpus. Marvel taking creative risks isn't just limited to existing books. I'm enjoying the crap out of new titles such as X-men Legacy and Secret Avengers. Most of Marvels gambles are paying off, in my opinion.

Granted their are still pitfalls like the new Thunderbolts title, the sound and fury troubled Age of Ultron, and the over-saturated X-market. But aside from their usual, puzzling commercial missteps, I think Marvel may actually be on to something here. I mean, they've even gone to the unusual extent of making sure their AU Event doesn't interfere with their ongoing titles. I'm not saying we're out if the woods yet. We still have to see if Marvel can overcome their major commitment; like most ex's, Marvel seems to fear change and commitment. Their follow through with these new titles and any planned status quo shifts will be the defining factor of Marvel NOW's success. But unlike before, NOW (power of pun) I'm willing to stick it out to see if I'm right.

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I feel the exact same way about DC at times too ( Mr. Terrific, Team 7, Ravagers etc). Marvel NOW is kicking ass right now.

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