Why does Hulk always have to win?

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Look I know he is "the strongest one there is", but there's more to fighting than just brute strength, so why does Hulk always have to win? I bought WW Hulk to see what the fuss was and whilst it was an entertaining read of sorts, it was ludicrous how he just trashed every other character who went up against up him and almost broke America. When I was a kid in the 70s, Hulk was rated a "9" in the strength category on my Marvel Top trumps, alongside Thor and Silver Surfer. Thor was always supposed to be as strong as Hulk, but with the added advantages of speed, flying, his hammer, lightning and general fighting skills honed through years of fighting on Asgard, ergo in a fight you'd expect Thor to edge it with his all round powers. Yet it seems when Thor and Hulk square up (i.e. the Avengers movie & the Hulk versus animated movie) Hulk is comfortably more powerful. Heck, Wolverine gave Hulk a better fight that Thor in the Hulk versus series!!

Does the Hulk need a bit of a re-boot like post crisis Superman to put him more on a par with other top line Marvel heroes, more like he was in the 70s and 80s?

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Hulk's fine. Sure his powerset isn't the most extravagant, but he's never needed it. He's supposed to be "the strongest one there is" for a reason. And while he isn't the strongest Marvel character, he is up there. Thor has plenty of attacks that beat Hulk, but if you take into consideration how characters operate, he won't use them and he has no need to start god blasting Hulk all the time, hence why he takes to melee combat and uses the lightning for the majority of the time. And considering you're basing things off non-canon media it isn't something to worry about. They aren't canon to the 616 media, so what happens in the movies is completely irrelevant.

So no. Hulk doesn't need a reboot. His character is fine the way he is right now.

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i don't think hulk would be able to beat captain america. lol

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....Really? Hulk could one-shot Cap, unless Cap runs away.

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I think he meant he country. But yeah Hulk would destroy Cap screw Fallen Son's logic.

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Popularity, thats why characters like wolverine can fight with hulk or crappy movies like "hulk vs thor" can be made.

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@norrinboltagonprime21 said:

Popularity, thats why characters like wolverine can fight with hulk or crappy movies like "hulk vs thor" can be made.

Wolverine debuted fighting the Hulk. Popularity has nothing to do with Logan fighting him. Popularity does mean a character gets more showings, thus allowing for a greater chance of getting wins due to more exposure.

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marvel wouldnt even dare put cap in a no-win situation.

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marvel wouldnt even dare put cap in a no-win situation.

H'whuh? Cap's lost plenty of fights....

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well now a days hulk has got alot smarter and got some fighting skills too.

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there are cheats to beat the hulk

but its usually something that either stops hulk altogether

or turns him back to banner 4:30

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you cant beat hulk in hand to hand eventually he'll get too strong

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My favourite

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He's a pretty beloved character. Bit different in the comics, but I think people just loved when he would get mad, turn into the hulk and scare the hell out of/and toss around the bad guys, like in the old live action series. The whole ...don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, line is rather ingrained in the culture.

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The Hulk must always win because it's in Marvel's interest to show him as and promote him as an unbeatable powerhouse. It's business. Strictly business.

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1. He's a hero.

2. He's big as a house

3. I've never seen him pee on the front of his pants while taking a leak.

Stupid human!!!

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He doesn't always win, hell Hulk lost to DC's "Always wins" character - freaking Batman :P

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@tyrus: how did batman beat him ?

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@rugrat said:

@tyrus: how did batman beat him ?

Apparently he beat him with some knockout gas and a kick to the solar plexus. Although in my opinion even someone with peak human physical strength like batman couldn't make the hulk whimper with a kick. Hulk's just too tough for that sort of thing.

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Because the writer said so?

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Why do people keep making these same pointless threads?

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@god_spawn: He may not be the strongest, but he has the most strength, if that makes sense....... He may not the most power, but he has the most physical strength.....

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@bezza: Because the hulk has no problem fighting speedsters or flyers. no matter how high you fly the hulk can jump higher. And he also has unlimited gamma power which is the most powerful thing that we know of in real life.

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Their is no question the hulk just can't be beat in head on physical confrontation as his strength is unlimited as his anger increases so often it is the weaker but more intelligent characters like somebody like batman beast or reed richards that could beat him using technology or a carefully prepared strategy

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Why does Batman always win? Why does Superman always win? Because they are heroes and in the end the hero always wins.

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SPIDERMAN beat the HULK in the original comics. Cap has claimed he beat the Hulk before. Hulk vs. was crap

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