Whos the most powerful villain in Marvel ?

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what villain is outright evil and just the best at it

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Thanos. Ultron on some occasions.

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<p>Thanos if he has infinity

gems, he destroyed The universe

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<p>Apocalypse potentially</p>.

Thanos is evil but he has a great deal of honor and often does fight for good or shows mercy .

Apocalypse has no good qualities , shows little to no mercy and has little honor .

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I have to go with Dr. Doom. Dudes as smart if not smarter than Reed Richards and he's also damn near as good at the mystical arts as Stephen Strange.

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Thanos w/ IG would be both most powerful and most evil.

Honorable mention for Green Goblin under 'most evil'

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Thanos , Galactus , Apocalypse , Ultron , and Dr Doom.

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The Hulk.

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@xanni15: Is Hulk very villainous?

Also, is Ultron up for the position? Age of Ultron makes him seem pretty evil.

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I'd have to go with one of the mystic entities like Dormammu, Cthon, Surtur, or some other inter-dimensional being. Thanos belongs up there with them with all his intelligence, strength, technology, and other skills. Below them, I would place Kang, Doom, and Ultron as the main threats. Never read much X-Men, so I don't know where Apocalypse would rank but I know he is up there.

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The score so far,

Thanos 7

Ultron 4

Dr Doom 3

Dormammu 2

Apocalypse 2

Green Goblin, Galactus, Cthon, Surtur, Kang 1

Not sure that I agree with this though. The title of this thread is kind of misleading, because the OP's post asks for the most evil, not necessarily the most powerful.

I haven't read any comics about Dormammu or Cthon or Surtur, but I think they are more powerful than Thanos. And really, Thanos isn't that evil either. Just misguided (like Enosisik2 said).

I vote Bullseye for the most evil. He freaks me out.

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No question. No doubt.

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@enosisik2 said:

<p>Apocalypse potentially</p>.

Thanos is evil but he has a great deal of honor and often does fight for good or shows mercy .

Apocalypse has no good qualities , shows little to no mercy and has little honor .

Enough said

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Most powerful crossover villain would be Thanos with an Infinity Gauntlet or Onslaught from the original crossover Prof X and Magneto psyche combo plot. They've both messed up the majority of the Marvel Universe coming at them at once. Dr. Doom would likely be the most powerful "casual" villain in a sense that he's regularly encountered and doesn't require crossover events to defeat, but still has done some miraculously powerful stuff.

In terms of sheer malice and evil, I'd go with Apocalypse or , again, Onslaught.

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Most evil, Mephisto!

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Thanos, Dormammu, Surtur and Kang are all excellent villains. I miss when Loki was a villain too :(

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thanos, ultron, kang and onslaught

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Chaos King Mikaboshi



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Dr. Doom

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@henrik said:

Thanos , Galactus , Apocalypse , Ultron , and Dr Doom.

yeah, these are rather the big ones. I have a hard time deciding between them for who is the most powerful; solid top 5, for sure. Although I'd be inclined to include Mr.Sinister (since his most recent incarnation in the last volume of UXM) and some versions of the Hulk.

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Mephisto or apocolypse. BTW anyone who put galactus is wrong he is not evil and feels remorse and intense guilt about the way he has lived and killed

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Thanos and apocalypse

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Obviously not the most powerful but definitely the most evil is massacre from spiderman he was the first villain spiderman had no choice but to kill and someone says he is the highest functioning sociopath on the planet

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Most villains aren't really evil by definition. Galactus is a force of nature, Lizard wants to cure humanity of disease and injury, Thanos wants to impress the woman he loves, and Ultron wants to make earth a perfect society, the list goes on and on. Some villains are just plain evil: Red Skull, Joker, Dr. Doom , Green Goblin, Apocalypse. IMO, Red Skull is the most evil though.

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