Who's the most ruthless violent Marvel character?

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Besides Punisher

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Hero....(other than Punisher) Moon Knight maybe

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Carnage, Moon Knight,Wolverine, Blade

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Probably between Loki, Red Skull, Abomination, Surtur, Apocalyspe & Mr. Sinister, Deacon Frost, Sauron, Doctor Octopus, entire HYDRA group.

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Red Skull

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Most ruthlessly violent? I'm going Sabretooth, his entire character is uncontrolled violence.

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Can't believe no one said Bullseye

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Can't believe no one said Bullseye

Was about to say the same thing.

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Red skull for sure. People seem to forget he was a Nazi lol

His daughter and Crossbones are up there too.

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@pizzaman said:

@cheesesticks said:

Can't believe no one said Bullseye

Was about to say the same thing.

^This. Honorable mention to Moon Knight though for carving off people's faces.

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He killed half the universe once.

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Daken and Vic Creed are absolutely at the top of the list when it comes to bloodthirsty and ruthlessness

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Haha, I came into the thread with Punisher in mind. There is a couple but for most violent Marvel character, I am going with Cyber.

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Kaine, while crazy.

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I would say galactus but all he does is eats them.

My choice would be...Deadpool.

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Electro? Not sure, it would take some time to consider a character whose possibly more suitable but nonetheless, Electro was pretty cruel in this recent issue I finished. Punisher Vol.9 #2 & 4. He fried multiple police officers to a crisp, then tortured the Punisher.

But Red Skull & Mandarin also.

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Moon Knight:

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I would probably say Carnage, just a straight up cold blooded monster

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@strider92: holyshyt,gonna start reading about this guy

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Moon Knight

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Not gonna say Deadpool's the "most ruthless, violent Marvel character", because most of the time, he's not. But he definitely can be when he's in the mood for it. So, while he doesn't take the top spot, (Moon Knight, for sure) I'd put him at least on my top 10 list.

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Hulk. The reason he exists is based on anger and the power that comes from it.

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Thanos. Not the unstable kind, but ruthless and violent nonetheless.

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