who is your favourite Illuminati member

Posted by ruler (276 posts) 11 months, 4 days ago

who is your favourite Illuminati member (21 votes)

Dr Strange 19%
Mr Fantastic 10%
Black Bolt 10%
Charles Xavier 5%
Black Panther 19%
Iron Man 14%
Beast 5%
Namor 14%
Steve Rogers 5%
#1 Posted by Yung ANcient One (4358 posts) - - Show Bio

I like a lot of them but T'Challa is my boy. ( + )

#2 Posted by novi_homines (1321 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Panther.

He has the perfect balance of doing what's right and doing what's necessary when it comes to morals. Something the others don't have, in my opinion.

#3 Posted by guttridgeb (4831 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr. Strange followed by Beast.

#4 Edited by Teerack (4543 posts) - - Show Bio

As an Illuminati member I like Tony Stark the best.

#5 Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee (9732 posts) - - Show Bio

I honestly don't like Beast an a member of The Illuminati.

I went with Black Panther though. He's got tons of mah love.

#6 Posted by PowerHerc (78161 posts) - - Show Bio

Steve Rogers.

#7 Posted by KnightRise (4749 posts) - - Show Bio

Kanye (;

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