Who Is Your Favorite Marvel Lady?

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Who did I miss and why are they your favorite? Let me know!

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Emma here for sure.

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Valkyrie.................................................................. warrior class woman with thae task of guideing souls to Vallah (spelling)

able to beat sif in a fight.  plus being all around gorgous!...............................................

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I was just trying to decide which one to pick and realised that I have lost interest in all of these characters. I have really started to lose interest in Marvel lately, and have started ready more DC, and my current favourite series Invincible (how it took me this long to start reading it I just don't know). 

But I'll pick Ms. Marvel, because I liked her during the time when she had her own series.
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Would've voted for Mystique, but i went with Invisible Woman

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@Babs said:
" Who did I miss and why are they your favorite? Let me know! "
Kitty Pryde. Her characterization certainly started out as a whiny spoiled brat but as she learned about herself and her powers thanks to joining the X-Men she became a tough asset to the team. She's one of those characters you love because they evolved into what you wanted the character to become.  
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Pepper Potts maybe? I am glad others like Black Cat too. I like her outfit >.> Also her being a love interest for Spider-Man at times.

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I already voted, so I don't really care but, in the interest of all the Thor excitement, how about Sif?

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She-Hulk! As I mentioned on Babs' blog;  She is tough, yet super sexy. Funny, yet totally a friggin' lawyer! Cousin of the Hulk! What more can you ask for?

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Ms Marvel/ Spider Woman/ Kitty Pryde / Valkyrie. Although they're no match towards DC ladies ~ ~

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Jubilee. Despite that she's a vampire now.

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Ms. Marvel, but Psylocke a close second.

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Squirrel Girl!

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Pure liquid awesome....that is my reason
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Black Widow definitely - brains and brawn

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 From that list, I would probably choose Jean Grey. Choosing from the entire Marvel universe, though, it would be either Rogue or Wasp (Janet). If I had to narrow it down further, I would have to pick Rogue. I've always appreciated her strong will and independent spirit, even when she wasn't written quite so well.

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Respect for our troops: Ms Marvel
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@Babs:  Awwwh no Rogue Babs? *smile* 

She was like the most hardcore member of X-Men in the late eighties! Marvel has always had great, and strong female characters, but when it came to super strong, flying powerhouses, Rogue was so the best out of the Marvel ladies! She was like the only one! She best typifies the point of the X-Men according to many writers, with emphasis on helping and preventing out of control with their power mutants being used for evil, and providing a safe place for them to learn control! After decades of internal struggle that we all got to see, she recently learned and got that control. How many other characters develop like that?

Let me see... she use to fly though giant robots like they were wet tissue. When Colossus had the strength to pick up Wolverine and throw him for a fast ball special, Rogue would be the one that would pick up Colossus and throw him for a fastball special! In fights against really powerful foes Rogue would take a bunch of powers to become a badass gestalt character and do all that crazy silly stuff. She was just a nice funny, slightly naive and emotionally ruled character. I remember when the x-Men met Gateway for the first time, they acted like some old man sitting out in the Australian Outback 24/7 was normal. Rogue actually made him a lunch to take up for him in case he was hungry!?!?! Oh and another time during a X-Men game of baseball she actually flirted with the President of the United States when he was in Air Force one, miles in the sky. 

Oh and she like took on the whole of the Avengers in her first appearance, including Thor, Wonderman and Vision. How badass is that. Not to mention how awesome Carey has been writing in her in the last four to five years! (above is just really my reasons why she is my favorite actually lol, the question was used as a framing device)
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X-23 has quickly become one of my favorite Marvel characters, let alone female Marvel characters.  What could have been just a throwaway "girl Wolverine" has become perhaps the most interesting woman in the Marvel U.

Marjorie Liu's done a great job with the character, and I feel like her solo series has really gotten on track.  The "Collision" storyline with her and Daken has been great.
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I went with Ms. Marvel but I also like shadowcat and she hulk who weren't on the list. Ms Marvel is awesome because she has shown she is a bad ass without her powers. I don't really like many of marvel's female characters though.

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Aunt May.

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@RazzaTazz said:
" Black Widow definitely - brains and brawn "

*Gasp* Traitor!! 
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Rogue. I think she's an interesting character, what with her history and her powers.

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Hard to choose between Emma and Laura, bit it's Emma for me.

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Storm, Baby!

Can there be any doubt?
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I know she isn't really as popular as all the other ladies, but I really like Sharon Carter.  I like the dynamic between her and Steve Rogers.

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Well, whoever knows me knows I clicked other. Been a Domino fan for years now and I won't let my girl down. Interesting character, powers and still a history you can do a lot with. She simply HAS to return to X-Force and I'm a little surprised she didn't make it on that list. Disappointed by you, babs. ;p jk

 Style AND substance ;)
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I voted other. I like She-Hulk because she breaks the fourth wall and talks to me.

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Tough choice, there are a lot of great female marvel characters to choose from but from this list I would have to go with Elektra easy. My other favorites include:

Victoria Hand (shes a pretty cool non powered character, at least when Bendis writes for her)

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I voted other... my top 3, (none of whom are on the poll) would be:  Rogue, Wasp, and She-Hulk, followed closely by Julia Carpenter (when she was still Arachne).

Of the ladies in the poll, I'd say:  #1 Black Widow, #2 Emma, and #3 Psylocke

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Tough choice, but I had to go with Black Widow. Strong willed, fearless, and a great fighter.



Ms Marvel is a close second, and Emma and Mystique after that. Also really fond of Arana, that is until she became Spider-Girl.

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I voted other. 



Thundra - custom statue

My favorite Marvel lady is Thundra.

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Tough choice, but I'm going with:

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I've always loved Frankie Raye.

If you hadn't given me an 'other' I would have picked the Invisible Woman

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boom boom! =)
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Extremely hard to choose from, there are so many!

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@inferiorego said:
" Squirrel Girl! "

lol this

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Sharon Carter. She is pretty bad-ass and fairly underrated in my opinion.

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Black Widow, international spy with S.H.I.E.L.D. cleareance level 10, a villanous past, sexy accent (i suppose) and ruby red hair. The whole package.    

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this was hard for me...not because I love them all but it was hard to pick one that I actually cared about at all....my DC girls like Barbara and Cass I care about what happens to them and get excited to read books with them in them but none of these characters really elicit the same response for me

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" Extremely hard to choose from, there are so many! "
*Cough* Songbird *Cough* :P
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@War Killer said:
" @xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" Extremely hard to choose from, there are so many! "
*Cough* Songbird *Cough* :P "
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Kitty Pride! Mainly because her story arc with Wolverine is one of my favorites. And she's awesome in the Ultimate universe.

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Other -  Valkyrie

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@Babs: Jessica Jones
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Big Bertha (from Great Lakes Avengers for those who don't know). 8 )


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