Who is the smartest Marvel genius???

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End of story.

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Mr. Fantastic is the smartest human

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Just because Doom has clever feats doesn't make him the smartest. Same with Thanos. I say Richards as 1

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Doctor Doom, none of those other guys come close.

#58 Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow (1394 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos or Doom

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Since science and evolution do run supreme in my book, I've got what popular vote seems to also have w/ Thanos being the smartest, then Reed and then Doom.

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Dr Octopus is smarter than anybody else on the list. He forced Iron man to lick his feet and Reed Richards admitted he was smarter. However easily the smartest is Valeria Richards whos intelligence has been growing exponentially since she was three and is apparently now three times smarter than Reed she mercs everybody on that list.

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Dont forget Amadeus Cho, Apocalypse or Quintavius Quire.

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doom> thanos> everyone else

doom is the smartest and most feared

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Doom would be the smartest followed by Reed.

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A few more to add to the list of choices:

High Evolutionary


Professor X

Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Norman Osborne (Green Goblin)

Nathaniel Richards (Reed's Father)

Kurt Conners (The Lizard)

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Galactus (2) thanos (3) doom (4) reed (5) Ultron (6) sinister (6) banner (7)

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Not Pym!

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that asian kid

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Actually, wouldn't the leader be the smartest considering he actually had enough brainpower that he changed into a pure astral/psionic form?

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