Which 6 characters would be in your Illuminati?

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Which six characters would you pick to be in your Illuminati?

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Dr Strange




Jean Grey

Ghost Rider

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silver surfer dr strange, black bolt, iron man, reed richards, nova

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  • Ant-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Dr. Strange
  • Iron Man
  • Mr. Fantastic
  • Professor X

I would say Bruce Banner as well seeing as he's more intelligent than half of that list but the events of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk make me averse to it.

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Silver surfer

Doctor Strange


Iron Man


Black Panther

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Doctor Strange

Iron Man

Silver Surfer

Jean Grey



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Dr Manhattan




The green lanthern

Captain america

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Black Panther

Doctor Strange

Emma Frost

Iron Man

Jean Grey


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Ironman, Black Panther, Magneto, Reed, Black Bolt, Dr Doom

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"In secret, they rule" is the whole point of the Illuminati, so many of the characters listed above don't really fit the bill.

Within the current roster, the only member that I object to would be Beast. I'd probably go with Magneto to replace Professor X.

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Charles Xavier, Thor, War Machine, Black Panther, Ghost Rider

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