What MarvelNow title are you surprised you are interested in?

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I guess I mean for Marvel readers asside from the titles you have read before and based on the description and preview artwork available what upcoming title surprised you by looking interesting. For me I have to admit Thot: God of Thunder has certainly caught my attention. Beng more of an X-Men fan than the Avengers, Thor has always been cool but I have never fely this burning desire to go and pick up the monthly titles. Seeing Thor at different points in his life seems interesting to me and the preview artwork of Esad Ribic that has been released so far has looked really good. Also while I know I have talked crap about Jason Aaron and the man crush he seems to have on Wolverine and how bad I thought Schism was, I do think he is a good writer and If he can bring his A game to this title I do have a feeling it will be a good book. What about you guys any MarvelNow titles that at first glance might not have seemed very interesting but now that more info has become available you are going to pick up? Also DC readers please fee free to answer.

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None of them. Unless the new Thunderbolts book is a NOW book, though it doesn't surprise me that I'm interested in it. It's got a kickass lineup.

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