The Dream Team of Villains

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Same concept as in my other thread, if you could pick any team of 8 or less villains to take over the Earth, who would they be? (note: they have to dwell on earth, you can't pick Thanos) I'll go first:

Doctor Doom (all-around badee and badass. Only Strange beats him when it comes to magic and only Reed beats him when it comes to science (debatable), but no one beats him when it comes to scheming. He would be leader, which kinda sucks because that means others like Magneto and Kang will have to follow Doom's orders and stuff, maybe they could create a council or something)

Loki (The god of mischief with his reality-bending powers will certainly come in handy for any scheming, think of the possibilities, He doesn't usually dwell on earth per se, but you can use him here if you want)

Ultron (Power-House capable of taking on the avengers single-handedly, also very smart and knows many weaknesses of various heroes who might get in the way due to decades of experience, adaptation, and actually being a few of them)

Mr. Sinister (As far as scheming goes, not many people can match Mr. Sinister, if this group is going to take the Earth from such power-houses as Sentry and Hulk, they're going to need some plans, also, no one knows how better to deal with mutants)

Purple Man (Doom once concocted a plan with Purple Man's mind-controlling powers that actually conquered the Earth for a little while, with the rest of the villains in this team, is it possible that it would stay conquered?)

The Mandarin (He has a disintegration beam on his finger)

Kang (again, he may not be from earth per se but you can use him, he has taken on the Avengers single-handedly as well)

Magneto ('nuff said)

note: I found this team a little bit harder to come up with. Maybe its just me, but most major villains seem to come from outside of earth, or maybe I just don't know enough about the villains that are on earth.

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-Dr. Doom



-Mr. Sinister




This would be my team of Villians. It was a little harder for me to come up with this list as well.. had to try and think about who's a really evil villian.. but still dwells on Earth in some form.

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Dr Doom




Dr Octopus




My reasons there cool

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Heh, I forgot about En Saben, but Mephisto and Blackheart dwell in Mephisto's realm, don't they?

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In no particular order, my eight:


Baron Mordo

Doctor Doom




Baron von Strucker


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Doctor Doom



Green Goblin



Red Skull


these team will take over the earth....if they don't kill each other first :P

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With Mephisto being the Marvel equivalent of the Devil, I felt I could include him since he can and does make regular appearances on Earth. He might not "live" there, but he makes enough visits..

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@LexiCat: So do many other villains that don't dwell on earth, but in recent Ghost Rider comics, he has actually crossed over to our realm (well, Earth 616's realm) if I'm not mistaken, so I guess you can use him.

@almost everyone: anyone wanna provide reasons for their picks? how would they work together and how would each one contribute to the group?

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Hmm...good question

I think the heavyweights would make a poor team, to many egos involved


Baron Zemo

Absorbing man



Sebastian Shaw

Silver Samuri


Molecule man

Think the new Era Thunderbolts, but i think this squad could take on the best of them

X-men would get housed with this line up

To many powerhouses for the New Avengers to overcome

Sentry vs Juggy would be a titanic battle

Since Juggs can beat the Hulk and Sentry barely survived his battle with the Hulk

The Mighty Avengers would be the ones to stand the best shot

Sentry, Wonder Man, Ares,Iron Man and Ms Marvel could hold there own in a slug fest

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He sure did, S-B. He just got finished ruining Spider-Man comics for me.

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LexiCat says:

"He sure did, S-B. He just got finished ruining Spider-Man comics for me. "

mutters must we continue to speak of Mephisto?

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Haha, well as far as power-houses go its hard to overcome the devil who just rewrote decades of Marvel history, he was bound to show up in this discussion at one time or another.

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-Doctor Doom: A definite mainstay as far as brains and all around awesome goes.

-Red Skull: Another genius, putting him with Doom is brainly overkill.

-Holocaust: Absorbing lifeforce is always good, especially paired with invulnerability.

-Apocalypse: Brains, immortality, strength, and awesome.

-Mr. Sinister: See above.

-Baron Zemo: Another genius; when it comes to villains, you can never be too smart.

-Dracula: Does he need an explanation?

-Molecule Man: Marvel villains' little cheat code.

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Black Queen: Selene : mutant, eternal and powerful sorcereress

Apocalypse: techno-intelligent, shape shifter and powerful

Doctor Doom: strategist.

Black Heart: evil powers at its core

Morgan Le Frey: reality warper and powerful sorcereress

Beyonder: mutant inhuman with omniscient powers.

Cassandra Nova: ethereal psionic mutant.

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Dr. Doom - Ruler of Latveria and will stop at nothing to rule the world

Red Skull - Undying Hate and an evil genius

Mandarin - also seems to be undying and has the 10 rings of power

Green Goblin - "collection" of super villains at his disposal

Ultron - Has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, becoming better and better every time

Baron Mordo - Great magical potential and support of Dormammu

The Hood - Army of super villains at his command

The Leader - Gives the Hulk trouble (that says it all)

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Gambler says:

"Baron Helmut ZemoWanda Maximoff (yeah I said it)TaskmasterRadioactive ManLady MastermindMystiqueBullseyeSabretooth"

not fair, Wanda only says "No more heroes" and things are over lol

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Baron Helmut Zemo

Wanda Maximoff (yeah I said it)


Radioactive Man

Lady Mastermind




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red skull

dr doom




green goblin



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  1. Doc Doom

  2. Ultron

  3. Venom

  4. Green Goblin

  5. Loki

  6. Galactus (if he doesn't eat the others first)

  7. Magneto

  8. Red Skull

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Dr. Doom, Magneto, And Mr. Sinister - These Three Together Would Make The Most Badass Group Of Evil Brains Ever Assembled

Exodus, Vulcan, Dark Phoenix - Comeon, Raw Power.

Sabretooth, Steel Serpent (Or Steel Phoenix.. Whatever He Goes By Now) - Dirty Work

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The Real Masters Of Evil

1.Dr Doom

2.The High Evolutionary







Beat this team

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leader = apocalypse
weapon speciaist = taskmaster
martial artist = mystique
robot =alkehma
inventor = ultron 
deamon = blackheart
magician = t-ray

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  1. zoom
  2. Joker
  3. Venom
  4. Magneto
  5. Apocalypse
  6. Dr. Doom
  7. Black Mask
  8. Lizard man
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Lady M

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1. Green Goblin
2. Enchantress
3. Juggernaut
4. Mysterio
5. Taskmaster
6. Sebastian Shaw
7. Ultron
8. Mr. Negative

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 Green Goblin, Magneto, and Doom all working together as leaders of all the villains would be cool.

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Red Skull


Mr. Sinister




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- Mr Sinister

- Loki

- Bullseye (you gotta have a random guy to do the "lowly" stuff)

- Venom

- Dr Doom

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The Evil Illuminati is going to be cool.

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Leader and is experienced with teams.

Good assassin. Could be the resident sneaky person

Teleknesis, telepathy, flame manipulation, drain life-force, animation and control of non-living materials and magical powers. She is awesome.

Possesses complete knowledge of the combat techniques and weaknesses of the X-Men, which, gives her a considerable advantage when fighting the X-Men.

The man is scary, and has telekinetic, telepathic (I think I just made a knew world) Teleporting and carries a red dust that makes people uncinsios. Cool.

Molecule Man
The Molecule Man has the ability to control all matter on a molecular level. He uses of his power is to mold matter to his whim, disrupt matter into dust or liquid, and convert one substance into another.

Possibly the smartest man alive. This could be important in team planning.

Madam Masque
Great martial artist and Marksman.

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If these guys could combine there resources I actly don't think they could be beat


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