Stan Lee's Green Peaness

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Here is one to give Marvel completists a fit.

While these days most associated with superheroes and mutants, Marvel  (under it’s various titles) has printed at one time just about every genre to be had in comics, from funny animals (they had Mighty Mouse in the 40’s) to horror, they even at one point had a comic by the title of Blaze the Worder Collie... or something like that.

Here is an example of Marvels foray product comics, you know… like the Big Boy, or Buster Brown Shoes, or Tom Mix and Ralston Purina.

It seems from 1957 to 1958 Martin Goodman produced The Birdseye Kids for the frozen food giant.  I wonder if Stan Lee worked on these?

Mike, Minx and Marry do kind of look like mutants if you ask me, I mean look at that one on the bottom right hand… their eyes are black with white X’s in them! And whats with the gang signs?

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O_o, these are probably older then my parents, those things probably meant something completly diffrent back in the day

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Wow, where did you find these?  Funny stuff, love the comment about the kids making "gangsta signs"!  LMAO!!   
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i like vintage stuff so neat, but where would you draw Stan Lee from that (he wasnt in comics, he was in a theater and part time delivering sandwiches) plus he's a writer, not an illustrator. Nope. they were thought up by an ad company.

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