So...Why does everyone hate Bendis?

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Excuse my possible ignorance in this, as I have only been into comics for the past 2 years, but in that time I have seen more hate for Brian Michael Bendis than any other writer. Having read alot of his New Avengers stuff and other things by him, my opinion of him is neutral. But I'm curious to know why everyone is so down on the guy and hates on everything with his name on it. Not that I agree or disagree, but I am just wondering about the deeper reasons behind the dislike of him, as usually I only see general comments about how awful he is without much explanation. If you guys could enlighten me, I would be grateful, thanks.

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Good question. I LOVE his Ultimate Spider-Man stuff, but a lot of long-time marvel readers say that his run on Avengers is bad.

#3 Posted by danhimself (21257 posts) - - Show Bio

cause it's cool

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He put my three favorite characters on a team, and ruined my dreams by making it the crappiest Avengers arc ever.

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@NyxEquitis: Because he totally ignores continuity and characterization and if a character isn't one of his "favourites" then he treats them like crap and usually kills them off are makes them go insane 
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I like most of his stuff. I actually love the vast majority of his Avengers stuff, but then Scarlet Witch and Vision are two of my least favourite members, so I guess I never minded how he treated them:P I genuinely like his characterisation and dialogue (most of the time), so I don't really get the sheer amount of hatred, and I can see why Marvel has mostly ignored it, as his books still sell well.

That said, he shouldn't have been in charge of the Avengers for nearly as long as he has. He's not really great at epic stories, because he doesn't know how to end them. he tends to do a huge amount of build up, and then things kind of fizzle out, which manages to be disappointing every time.

He's far better when he can have control of less invasive series that don't get all tied up in other people continuity. Ultimate Spider-Man is outstanding, and has been for an insane number of issues, and I loved both Alias and Powers

there are, no doubt, a lot of people who disagree with me. Rather vehemently I imagine:)

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Bad characterization, plot holes, bad roster choices ( Red Hulk....really!?!?). Stuff along those lines.

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Let's see, where do I start.... 
1.He made Luke Cage the worst leader in Avengers history, although he claims he loves the character. 
2.He will put anyone on an Avengers roster, especially character he has particular interest in or characters he created. He doesn't think about how that ruins the team dynamic. 
3.He brought Echo into the Avengerd..did NOTHING with her, had her absent for almost all of Secret Invasion,just to bring her back in a Moon Knight book and kill her off. 
4.He doesn't do his homework. He writes things that are sometimes contradictory to what has already been established (example.Ms.Marvel's flight speed.) 
5.Events. They are the worst thing about Marvel Comics right now and he orchestrates most of them.

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I love Alias, Powers and Ultimate Spidey, but yeah, I haven't heard a lot of positive things about his work on Avengers.

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His work on Ultimate Spider-Man is amazing, everything else though...not so much.

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Because he only needs to do 1 book, while they keep shoving him into 29

"No such thing as chaos magic" = someone else fixing your eff up before other writers have to re-write a characters entire origin starting with the "Chthon" blessing.

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His work on Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil are great but his Avengers is the worst thing ever.His characterization and plots are just blunt and suck all the way.

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Wow, thanks for the response everybody! It helps knowing why everyone dislikes him, I was genuinely curious.

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I liked his Daredevil run, USM and the first New Avengers volume. But the rest was...nyaah.

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