Some Marvel wallpapers I threw together.

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I had already uploaded them to an imgur album, so I hope you don't mind.

I had a bunch of space wallpapers, and some favorite comic art and thought it would be fun to mash them together! They're not perfect, but they are good enough for my screen!

(I take no credit for the artwork, only the mashing of)

Thanks for checking them out!

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@xybernick: Those are really cool :o

Lol I make some wallpapers using old school comic panels when I'm really bored


But they are not even remotely close to as awesome as those.

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where can I find marvel or DC comic covers without any text just the art or even pages from the comments? in a very nice resolution

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@geoff2005: The best way to do it is to do a google image search. There are a few awesome ways to do this.

First, you search "[Title of comic] [#number]"

Then you go to the left menu area where it says "any size", "large", "medium", "icon" and you click "larger than 1600 x 1200" or whatever size. If the comic you are looking for doesn't come up, restart your search only this time say "[Title of comic] [#number] textless"

Now look for only large or larger images. And if that fails do the regular google image search and find the picture in a normal size, and hover over the picture and click where it says "more sizes"

You then will be taken to a page with multiple sizes of the image.

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awesome, I really like some of your wallpapers

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