Smartest Men on Marvel Earth 616

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I agree with the list. Although it's kinda sad to see that there are smart men and no smart women explored in the Marvel universe.

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I love how all of the smartest men have almost all royalty screwed up and almost destroyed the world on countless occasions, and yet some of them still haven't come up with solutions for their past failures.

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I agree with the OP, almost. I for one firmly think that Victor is smarter than Reed. He has done some things that Reed couldn't (i.e. curing the Thing of his mutation). He has stole power from Gods, Devils, and other high-tier cosmic beings. I think the only reason Reed is portrayed as smarter is because his intellectually superior nemesis has a huge obstacle which mitigates his intellect: his ego. Without his ego, I feel that Victor is smarter than Reed, but like Banner, and other great minds in Marvel Earth, he has an obstacle that is blocking him from reaching his full intellectual potential.

@akaboali said:

I agree with the list. Although it's kinda sad to see that there are smart men and no smart women explored in the Marvel universe.

There have been; the list of smartest men is just more prominent in Marvel. Though there hasn't been an official list, there are women in Marvel with a high intelligence.

  • Valeria Richards - I honestly don't like that it is a possibility that she is smarter than Reed, but yeah, according to comics, she is a super-genius... and she's still in her early childhood.
  • Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)- pretty damn good in the field of computer science.
  • Sage - pretty smart all around.
  • Sue Storm - a genius in her own right. Very good with science.
  • Emma Frost - good with tech.
  • Cecilia Reyes - she's a very capable surgeon with a gifted intellect.
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@enosisik: your an idiot peter parker is a super genuis clearly you never read a comic with spiderman in it. go read a comic you buffoon you clearly know nothing about spider man or peter parker.

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Dr. Strange anyone?

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Canon list?

1.) Reed Richards (multiple sources, but seriously... duh...)

2.) Victor von Doom (also multiple sources... and also duh...)

3.) Tony Stark (see above)

4.) Hank Pym (firmly established by a story arc in Mighty Avengers and the Intelligencia story arc)

5.)Bruce Banner (firmly established by the Intelligencia story arc)

6.) Hank McCoy (was listed among the eight smartest during the Intelligencia story arc, but no position was given; determined by process of elimination)

7.) Amadeus Cho (canon established fact)

8.) T'Challa (admitted to this rank personally to Spider-Man)

9.) Otto Octavius (was stated to be above the Intelligencia in intellect; rejected their offer to join)

10.) The Leader (the Intelligencia's members were next on the list after the ones listed above; the Leader was the smartest of the Intelligencia's ranks)

11.) M.O.D.O.K. (the Intelligencia's members were next on the list after the ones listed above; M.O.D.O.K. was the second smartest of the Intelligencia's ranks)

12-14.) Wizard, Mad Thinker, and Red Ghost (the remaining Intelligencia members weren't given specific ranked positions)

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The 8 smartest men unaided by outside factors in the marvel U include the following in order:

1. Reed Richards- respectedany most as the smartest man in the world and master of all feilds of science, particularly cosmic radiation and antimatter physics (negative zone)

2. Dr. Doom- Some may say that Doom is the evil intellectual counterpart to Richards in all fields of science, however, Doom has also perfected a field that many would dare claim as science, dark magic. Although Pym has stated that "Magic is just science that I have yet to figure out." Doom is also a genius in the fields of robotics and energy absorption/manipulation.

3. Hank Pym- dubbed as the scientist supreme, Pym is the leading man in the fields of biocybernetics (ultron), bio-particle physics, and multi dimensional physics (Pym particles/micro- and macroverses)

4. Bruce Banner- always portrayed to be a master of radiation biophysics, particularly high frequency gamma rays absorption; as of late, Banner has been shown to also be a master of many other fields of science ranging from technology (force fields/teleportation) to genetics (cellular manipulation of his own DNA to control the Hulk). We also see in Fall of the Hulks story arc that Banner is a master strategist.

5. Tony Stark- always seen as the leading innovator of all things tech, Stark is particularly known for his works in weaponry and being a master at futurism, the ability to predict future problems and develop solutions before they even present themselves. However, after the civil war and secret invasion, we come to realize that Starks genius is best served on the circuit boards.

6. T'Challa- the ruler of a long standing civilization untainted by the modern world and yet generations more advanced due to their isolation from the world around, allowing them to grow unhindered by most worldly conflict, T'Challa is known for his mastery of all sciences from weapons and defense technology to medicine and even magic. The science and technology of T'Challa and his people has always been right on par or even beyond that of Richards, Stark, and Doom.

7. Amadeus Cho- noted many times over as being the 7th smartest person alive, Cho's primary genius comes from his uncanny ability to process seemingly infinite volumes of data in short periods of time using highly advanced mathematics and physics all in his head. This allows Cho to perform physical tasks with pinpoint accuracy in a matter of seconds, as well as finding recognizable patterns in otherwise random amounts of vast data and decipher them into comprehendible meanings (deciphering alien languages/Comparing energy fluctuation readings of magical beings such as Loki). This ability of Cho to use his brain as a "supercomputer" uniquely distinguishes him from all the other members of the Intelligencia.

8. Hank McCoy: one of the founding members of the X-Men, Hank is steps above many of the other members of this group in the fields of genetics and medicine, as well as mattering many other fields of science such as time travel. As far as I know, McCoys genious is not a manifestation of his X-gene, which makes him one of the top 8 smartest men on earth un-aided by genetics, radiation, and/or cosmic entities.

There are others worth noting however, many of these have either been altered in some way, are alien to earth, or are comic/ godlike entities.

Dr. Samson-Psychiatry


The Leader-Radiation

The Tinkerer-weaponry/tech

The Mad Thinker-strategy/schemes

High Evolutionary-genetics

Mr. Sinister-genetics

Charles Xavier-neuroscience/psychology/tech

Dr. Nemesis-physiology

Prodigy-many fields




Arnim Zola-genetics


All these men represent the smartest men on earth. What do you think?

Cypher, The Leader, Prodigy, Forge, M.O.D.O.K. all don't belong on the list. Cypher without his powers is an average person, Leader without the Gamma Enhanced Brain Power is an imbecile, Prodigy without his power is a inept teenager/young adult, Forge without his power is a crippled or dead dumb soldier, and M.O.D.O.K. without the AIM Augmentation is a brain dead invalid.

The Order Should be

1. Bruce Banner (As Banner he is the Smartest there is, as Hulk he is the Strongest, and both persona have repeatedly proved it. Banner has outwitted Von Doom, so he has to be ranked higher)

2. Dr. Doom (He is everything people claim Reed is, but he can succeed where Reed fails... like curing Ben Grimm, and was able to combat Galactus and the Beyonder, even stealing power from them, with only tech he came up with, not getting aid from another Cosmic Being giving him something)

3. Broo (The cutest Brood was able to calculate a way to defeat a cosmic Entity known for destroying star systems, with a 1/8 chance of survival... Only Von Doom and Banner have had better odds against that level of foe. His mutancy is his compassion and a conscience, his intellect is merely Genius level for his species, so he qualifies for this list.)

4. Reed Richards (His lack of common sense and how much of his work is improved on by others really should warrant he be ranked lower then this, but not ranking him in the top 5 seemed just as heinous an injustice as allowing him to retain the title of Smartest when at least three others have proven quite definitively to be his intellectual better, but no many others have)

5. Amadeus Cho (The 7th ranking is based on including powered intellects like Leader and M.O.D.O.K., so he deserves at least a promotion to 5th Smartest if we're not including artificially and mutation augmented intellects)

6. Henry McCoy (Beast and Dark Beast are essentially the same being, dimensional counterparts shouldn't be listed separately, barring augmentation or brain damage, they are intellectually no different, only educationally, financially, socially, politically, or in rare occasions cosmetically)

7. Peter Parker (Spidey 1 has time and again proven he is one of the smartest guys in Marvel, he was inventing gadgets in High School that Richards, Doom, Pym, and others spent years in college to get degrees to trump, he has been outwitting experts in practically every field of science known, and besting them, including occasionally winning against the #2 Guy on the list, and being the part time All-New All-Different FF's stand in for Reed when #1 on the List was in his Strongest there is mode... which is proof that the All-New All-Different Fantastic Four was better then the Originals in every way except not having a Superior Female Member)

8. Henry Pym (The title of Scientist Supreme is BS, but as the Avengers original main science guy, he has to be given some credit for his versatility and skills)

9. T'Challa (The King of Wakanda has proven himself an adequate stand-in for Reed, and can hold his own with most foes mentally... though I think this may be more of Politically Correct Retconning then original intent, since otherwise, the only Minorities to make the big 10 are a Romani/Gypsy, an Asian, and an Illegal Alien *snicker*)

10. Stark? (Really should leave 10 open as a spot that is constantly in a state of flux, being filled and replaced, since Osborn, Connors, Octavius/Superior Spiderman, and many others all have rights to claim spots in the top 10, Roger Bochs built the Box armor on his own before Madison Jeffries Power helped him improve it, Kristoff Vernard is Von Doom in Training, Alec Thorne built a device that makes his super genius mind... smarter, which in theory should move him to beyond #1 on the a list in which we allow augments, so Stark can place hold the spot, but it is really everyone else who is smart enough to be a viable challenger to any spot on the list)

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Not trying to start a sexism war, but reading the title of this thread made me wonder who the smartest women in Marvel comics are. Like, if someone can rank the to 8 smartest women in the MU...

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A bit sexist, as a member of the institute of Physics I say, sort it out Marvel, we need some modern heros, sort out the sexism in STEM subjects.

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@twentyfive: umm ill have a go

Moira Taggat, Lady Octapus, Nightshade, Ruby Thursday, Sunset Bain, Valaria Richards (mentioned above), Monica Rapincini, what's that... 7 :/ and nearly all villains...

ok Ill give honourable mention to She Hulk and the Blonde Phantom, not science smarts but their ability to manipulate the comic universe to telport etc and talk to the reader (and threaten the writer) must count for something! ;)

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What about justin hammer, living brain or Michael morbius or the mandarin

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I echo the sentiments of everyone in this thread that lament the idea that there are no female super geniuses. Gaining her "genius" through nepotism disqualifies Valeria in my eyes. I want self made geniuses.

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I echo the sentiments of everyone in this thread that lament the idea that there are no female super geniuses. Gaining her "genius" through nepotism disqualifies Valeria in my eyes. I want self made geniuses.

Genetic nepotism.

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This thread pretty much confirmed that Peter Parker is the most intellectually underrated character (out of sheer ignorance, really) in the MU. Not top 8? Idiots, Peter has an IQ or 250-270 and has continuously been praised for his intelligence by the super geniuses of Marvel (Pym, Reed, Stark). Shoot, his IQ alone confirms that he is a suppressed super genius who has the potential to be on par with Doom, Banner, Reed, and Stark...

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