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I will apologize in advance because this will probably be a somewhat lengthy post. With that out of the way, I am looking for some guidance/advice on where I should try to jump back into the Marvel universe.

First a bit of history: I read comics quite a bit in my late grade-school through middle school years. I was primarily a Spiderman fan and read all of the books of that era (Amazing, Web, Spectacular, and Spiderman). I jumped on the Spidey express right around the time Erik Larsen started drawing Amazing and I stopped reading sometime during the Maximum Carnage cross-over event. I also read some Captain America and X-Men during this time, but I focused primarily on Spiderman.

I got back into comics over the past few years but have been mostly reading DC stuff. I enjoy Green Lantern, Justice League, and Flash primarily. I have really enjoyed the Marvel films, however, and that has sort of prompted me to want to try to get back into Marvel stuff. Visiting my local comic shop and bookstore I see that Marvel has their "Now" line which seems like it would be a good spot to jump aboard. I think I am interested in the Avengers and Iron-man primarily but wanted to ask those more knowledgeable than I which series are worth looking into and which I should avoid. I have been considering the initial hardback trades for Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and Iron-man. Also, is the Avengers vs. X-men event worth picking up in trade format?

Thanks in advance!

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First off, welcome back to comics!

Onto Marvel NOW - there are some books that have been great, others that are kinda hit-and-miss, and some that are truly bad. Avengers and New Avengers (especially) are both fantastic reads, I wholeheartedly recommend that you pick them up. The first is just an epic-scale plot of 20+ Avengers, and the latter is a desperate race of Marvel's most powerful men to prevent the end of the multiverse. As for Uncanny Avengers, it's been really hit-or-miss for me, personally. I don't like the concept, the art, or the lengthy narrations. It just doesn't really excite me. Iron Man seems to be universally reviled though, it's a bit of a simplistic comic and a step back from past IM stuff, but I've heard that it's been picking up in recent issues. Oh, and most abhor AvX.

I've also heard great things about Thor: God of Thunder, Hawkeye, Nova, and All-New X-Men from the NOW line, so you might want to look into those.

Let me know if you need anything else :)

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@veshark: Thanks! I will look into the trades for both Avengers and New Avengers at a minimum. And I will steer clear of AvX...which should save a good deal of coin.

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@deakor: If you're interested in Avengers comics, I'd highly recommend Uncanny Avengers; I think it's one of the best Avengers books in years. The new New Avengers series is really good also: basically a new Illuminati book.

And Hawkeye is really good.

I wouldn't bother with AvsX if you think you can get what's going on without it.

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@oldnightcrawler: Awesome, thanks! I imagine I can hit up a wiki and get the high points of AvX given that the general consensus seems to be that it wasn't all that great. Thanks for the advice!

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@deakor: no problem. and good luck.

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@deakor: All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men have some of the most well written stories I've read in so long. It's usually a chore to read through everyone's drama but Bendis has been doing such a great job with handling all these characters. New, old and old-old! Figuring out the whole young X-Men realizing how screwed up the future is and how terrorist-Scott is gonna train all the new X-Men characters is great! By the way Wolverine and the X-Men is also really fun read.

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Hawkeye! It's the comic that pulled me back into reading comics regularly.

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Although I'm fairly new to Marvel comics, I have to second everyone else's recommendations for Avengers, All-New X-Men and Hawkeye. Avengers has an epic, cosmic, grand feel to it, so if you're a fan of long-form storytelling you'll like it. All-New X-Men is great because it reunites the original X-team with their future selves, and the series does a good job of explaining recent history so you won't feel too lost. Hawkeye is just an extremely enjoyable read. The art is great and the dialogue is snappy and light-hearted, and it's very easy to jump into.

I also thoroughly enjoyed issue 1 of Brian Woods's X-Men which was released just a few days ago. This series features an all-female main X-team. The artwork by Coipel is gorgeous, and the story looks to be entertaining. It's early to tell since only one issue's been out so far, but I feel very comfortable recommending it.

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Thor: God of Thunder

New Avengers


Indestrucable Hulk

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read daredevil ;) as a dc fan i have to say that daredevil really got me started with marvel comics, it joined marvel NOW! with issue 23 its been awesome and really easy to jump onto.

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