Recommendations for an old newcomer

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Looking for recommendations. Likes WWH and cosmic stories (infinity saga, secret wars, Thanos FTW).

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I've recently took up reading comics again years after reading spider-man as a kid. One big difference nowadays is that it's MUCH easier to read story arcs since it, thanks to Internet, is easier to gather necessary issues. Not to mention earning my own money instead of begging mum and dad :).

So now I'm looking for recommendations of story arcs (or must read single issues as well) I should look into. The following are some arcs that I've truly enjoyed a lot (and yes, apparently I have a thing for cosmic stories):

Secret Wars 2: SW1 was the first real story arc I read as a child and I found it awesome. So SW2 was the first I picked up now and even though it lacked 'punch' action wise the psychology and character development was great! As well as leading me into the cosmic events with Celestials and what-have-you-nots.

Planet Hulk and World War Hulk: Wow! Intense, gritty, emotional! The best comic story I've read to date (especially Planet Hulk)!

Infinity sagas (Thanos Quest, Gauntlet, War, Crusade, Abyss and The End): Just finished this one and I loved it, especially the Quest, Gauntlet and The End. From not having any 'relation' to Thanos he is now one of my favorites! Excellent character development and interesting twists throughout!

So any suggestions as to what I probably would enjoy next?

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I'm currently reading from Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Force and Daredevil. I was also reading Punisher before it ended. I recommend all of those.

From Marvel, I would also recommend Spider-Men, which was a crossover miniseries were 616 Spidey met Ultimate Spidey (Miles Morales). Fantastic read.

Oh, and DnA's cosmic Marvel work such as Nova or Guardians of the Galaxy. Loved those as well.

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Just Marvel?

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Thanks! Spider-Men sounds like something fun and I've heard about the Guardians of the Galaxy before so I'll def look into that.

@Chaos Prime:

Yes, at least for the moment. I only read Marvel as a kid so I'm more at home in that universe.

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The Ultimates 1 and 2 (and Ultimate Comics The Ultimates)

Ultimate Spiderman (and Ultimate Comics Spiderman)

Amazing Spiderman: Big Time

Iron Man: Extremis

She Hulk (Dan Slott Run)

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then probably War of Kings might be just up your street :)

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Dogs of War is another great Hulk story arc. Its all about his different personalities.

Civil War is a good one. It doesn't involve much cosmic stuff but it is awesome.

Spider Island was a good Spider-Man story arc.

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Thanks for all your help, much appreciated! And I've always had some fascination with Iron Man but not really looked into his own stories. If I want more from Thanos, have I already found the best stories or are there any more hidden gems to find?

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