Question About the Passage of Time in the Ultimate Universe

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I've only read the earliest of stories from the Ultimate Marvel Universe (most of Mark Millar's Ultimate X-Men run and the first 20 or so issues of Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man), and in light of this recent continuation of the Ultimate universe stories, I was wondering, how much time has passed for the characters since then up to these new continuations (Spencer's Ultimate X-Men, the new Ultimate Spider-Man, etc.). Are all the surviving characters still the same age as they were when the Ultimate line of comics first began nearly a decade ago, or have they been allowed to age some? As with most comics, I don't expect that they've been aged in real time, but I recently decided to pre-order the graphic novel of the new Ultimate X-Men run, and that just got me thinking about it and I became curious enough to ask.

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First keep in mind, time has flowed differently from series to series. Months passed in a single panel of the Ultimates Volume 1 where they waited on a villain to fight to justify their budget, while Spider-Man has been slower paced overall. It has been awhile since I have read, but I seem to recall something being said that struck me as having had a few years pass by the time Ultimatum had hit. Really straining my brain and without access to my comics, I want to say it may have been in a Ultimate Spider-Man issue.

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Ultimate Peter Parker was 15 when he gained his powers and died at 17 so a little more than 2 years must have passed.

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Cool, thanks for the input guys!

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Good question

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