president marvel

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i notice that there are of couple potenial cantinde walk around in marvel. it wouldn't be a surprise if marvel dieced to too a race to the white hose in their version after secreat invasion. here a list that i notice so far.
1) creed
2)Stephen Colbert
4)Genral Ross
list more if you can think of anyone else. and give out your vote on who should win to be president in marvel.

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Norman Osborn
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oh crap forgot about him

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fesak said:
Norman Osborn
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Ha Ha Ha  !

Hell Naw... Norman Osborn
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anyone else got a vote

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Well my vote would go for Steven Colbert for comedy. But for an interesting twist on Spider-Man storylines, Norman Osborn.

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It's going to be whoever wins in real life. 

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