Possible Teases/Inside Details RE: Cinematic Universe & SHIELD

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So, I've been stalking through Roger Wardell's Twitter tonight and some interesting details have been hinted at and spilled. You'll find the tweets categorized below by movie/show. Just click the images to enlarge. 



 Thor 2 ;)

 Aaaaaaaaaaand last, but not least, SHIELD 


 Of course...there's always the question of if  any of this is legit at all. I've done a few searches and the only information that I can really find on this guy is articles linking back to these tweets. Not the most reputable source, but it'd certainly be interesting if it's all legit. 

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Searched Stephanie Szostak and her wiki page lists her role as Janet van Dyne in Iron Man 3. Of course Wikipedia isn't very reliable, but still interesting if true.

Any ideas on lead female role in Winter Soldier. Possibly Sharon Carter or Diamondback? Carter would be logical.

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@Shutdown: Google image searches. Not a bad choice at all if that's who she is. Although for that role, I would have fancast Morena Baccarin (with Nathan as Hank, don't step on my dreams <__<)

I think it's definitely Sharon Carter, it's going to be a very SHIELD-centric movie by the casting. Not sure how I feel about her in that role, but I like her as an actress. She just seems really bubbly, not sure she can pull off the badass factor.

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@Mercy_: Most people didn't think Cobie Smulders could pull off Maria Hill, but from what screen time she had, it looked like she did.

Stpehanie Szostak seems like a unique choice. Not well known like the others.

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@Shutdown: lol that's the same argument somebody just brought up when I mentioned this a couple of minutes ago. I definitely agree with it and if she is cast and that is her role, then I'm sure that the studio thought she'd do it justice.

I agree, but I like that aspect. It means they're hiring for talent and not for name recognition.

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