Off My Mind: Marvel's Most Iconic Female Character

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Ms. Marvel hands down. She's tough, powerful, independent, and she can hold on to her own title long enough to actually have some character depth.

Storm is powerful, but she can't step up to the plate in the avengers (that picture on the menu for UA2 where storm is fighting thor actually made me laugh. ridiculous idea that a norse god of thunder, who spends alot of time in the cold could get defeated by weather).

Phoenix could also and probably should also be the lead feminine hero, but marvel needs to learn how to keep her around. and stop giving her headaches.

The invisible woman is too mom like; that and it seems like nobody cares about her unless the other three are involved.


if you put Ms. Marvel in a GOOD avengers roster with core Marvel heroes, and they took on the JLA, i can deffinatly see her getting some damn good hits in.

Yeah but Ms. Marvel keeps getting cancelled.. brilliant -_-
Marvel tried to pus her,but look where she is now,same for She-Hulk.I can say  that Storm is a bigger name then those two.

Storm fighting Thor is funny,but in a video game it looks bad ass.Don't be throwing shade at my gurl...kk
Which was stupid on Marvel's part, they should have brought in a new writer to take the character somewhere instead of just leaving us with her and Spider-Man eating a chilli-dog.... -___-
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WW is on par with Batman and Superman. Heck, she is a part of the "DC Trio". Marvel has tried several times to make Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) their iconic female hero but she always ends up getting lumped back in with the group.

I think the closest Marvel has to an iconic female hero is Storm and Sue Storm. Sue Storm due to the fact that she was one of the first women superheroes from Marvel. Storm due to her being the leader and face (along with Wolverine)  of the X-Men  during the time that the X-Men absolutely blew up.

The problem with both of those characters is that neither one of them can carry an on-going by themselves. They really work as a part of a team. Marvel's icons (Spidey, Cap, Hulk and Wolverine) can all do the team thing as well as carry their own titles. Marvel doesn't have a female version of that. I'm on the fence with She-Hulk because she did have a pretty successful run with her own title but, I don't know if I could call her iconic...
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Well, being somewhat new to Marvel Comics, I started with Civil War, The Ultimate Universe, and recently started reading some of those great Essentials books. So from what I can see, I would say that Sue Storm is definitely a leading lady. I enjoy her equal balance in personality to Reed, and her set of powers that are unique to her. Everybody has super strength nowadays anyways. I think she has one of the more interesting angles of being a mother and hero and a scientist. 

Plus, if the FF are Marvel's first family, wouldn't she automatically bet he First Lady?
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I would have to say that it is Storm, everyone knows who she is. I know some people are going to say Jean Grey is more famous that Storm but I beg to differ, you can mention Storm to most people and they know who you are talking about. They may not know much about her but they know who she is and what she looks like.

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altought i love jean grey with every atom of my body i know invisible woman is the one

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Ms Marvel in my opinion then Jean Grey and Sue Storm

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Good question. I mean, DC has Wonder Woman as their most famous, no contest. However, for Marvel, I'd have to say either the Invisible Woman or Jean Grey would be the best-known female character.

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I had this conversation with a few friends last night who know of comic books and characters, but aren't avid readers. They pretty much had similar opinions as most of the people here do.  
One of them said: "Marvel doesn't have an Iconic Female character, but if I had to pick....Sue Storm"   
His wife said "Storm, without a doubt" 
My other friend isn't familiar with Marvel comics, but she agreed Storm was pretty iconic. 
Just from skimming the thread it really seems as Sue Storm and Storm are the top contenders here. I think what really sways the votes is what you read more. If you are move of an Avengers/Spiderman/FF reader, then the obvious choice for you is Sue.  
However if you are more involved with the X-Men books (which there are several, so keeping up with them is pretty costly anyways). The obvious answer is Storm.  
I can see why Sue is so popular, she's maternal, she's evolved from the damsel in distress to a really powerful metahuman. She's much more independent now and all of that. Plus she has some pretty kick ass powers.  
However my vote will forever be with Storm. She is one of the most popular X-Men characters. She can be picked out of a group of many different characters because of her exotic appearance (dark skin, white hair, blue eyes). She IS the most popular African American superhero (IMHO male or female). Her abilities are rather powerful and unique.  
Thats just my opinion though. 

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 <<<<<<<<<< Yup
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Storm without a doubt. I don't think Spiderwoman is that iconic; I mean she is really just a female version of Spiderman. I like Elektra but the movie portrayed her in a pretty negative light. Also, if I was to give an iconic male character Wolverine would be at the top of my list.

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i have friends who is never really into comics, as in almost zero knowledge of the comic book world.. yet they knows who Storm is.. my niece knows her too.. Storm is without doubt the MOST famous and well-known female in Marvel.. she has proven herself able to defeat Wonder Woman in the popularity department during the DC vs MARVEL crossover.. plus the very fact that of all the super-powered ladies Marvel has, they decided to put Storm in the front line against an institution which is Wonder Woman.. 
there might be others that came before her (Invisible Woman), has a more successful solo comic (She-Hulk) and more powerful than her (Jean Grey).. but it all goes down to popularity and character.. and Storm has it all.. she as all it takes to serve as the perfect role model.. 
she's beautiful.. 
she's smart..  
she's kind..
she's compassionate.. 
she's a warrior.. 
she's a thief.. 
she's a sorceress..
she's a princess..
she's a queen..
she's a goddess.. 
she's the only character who shares a lot of similarities with DC's Wonder Woman.. and yet, she's not a rip off of the character.. she's her own woman.. 
Storm is the epitome of a powerful women.. both in body and spirit.. 
Storm, powerful as a hurricane, yet gentle as a summer rain..

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Being a mid-90s kid, and still a big Spiderman fan at heart despite not reading it anymore, I've gotta go with Mary Jane, possibly the most well-known 'Girl Next Door' archtype in the world. 
Storm is a close second, but as a kid...I honestly just found the way she spoke to be too annoying (don't hurt me!)
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OMG... it's FIRE STAR! 
This just occured to me.  FIRE STAR is Marvel's #1 lady!  Well, she is when she's written young and not dealing with all of the pointless history she had when no one was reading her. 
Although Alaskan-representative Hell Cat is a close 2nd.

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Personally I feel Marvel has no top iconic female character because of the team aspect or strong ties with a male character. However the most notable IMHO would be someone who is widely recognized by non comic book readers and has made a significant impact within the comics. I feel that in terms of non-comic popularity that it would be Storm, bar none. The X-Men has always remained extremely popular especially among children and teens thanks to the animated series, and Storm has always remained a central character within each and every one. Of all of the more notable Marvel ladies (Storm, Invisible Woman, Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Elektra, etc.) Storm is perhaps the most visually striking due to being a black woman with white hair and blue eyes. These traits would become her trademark and many people, whether they've read the books or not, would recognize them as belonging to Storm.  
However in terms of actual impact, Storm would not be the most iconic, not even close. That would have to go to Jean Grey. Love her or hate her, Jean Grey was key in creating one of the most epic fictional (not just comic, imo) stories there ever was: the Dark Phoenix Saga. Sadly this would remain one of the only things, besides being an X-Man (the first female X-Man) and wife/girlfriend of longtime X-Men leader Cyclops. Her relationship with Scott alone would become well known and praised by most fans; they were paired in pretty much every single other media adaptation they both appeared in together and had one of the most famous comic book marriages of all time (much more notable then Cylops' subsequent and current relationship with Emma Frost, sorry Scott/Emma fans). Jean's connection with the Phoenix would also be at least touched upon every single version of her, something many people are aware of inside the comic books or out. She will always be remembered as the X-Man who sacrificed herself to save her teamates by a giant flood in X2, and the girl corrupted by power who kills male front-runners such as Professor X and Cyclops, not to mention being the main love interest of the third film's main protagonist Wolverine. Other Women who have made incredible impact would be the Scarlet Witch with the Avengers Disassembled and House of M storylines (the latter of which altered Marvel, particularly the X-Books, comics forever).
The Invisible Woman would be an obvious choice as well due to being Marvel's first major female superhero and an essential (and most powerful) member of the Fantastic Four. However she doesn't quite match Storm's notability considering the level of popularity between the X-Men franchise surpassing the Fantastic Four Franchise, and I don't recall her ever creating a strong everlasting impact on Marvel comics within a single (or multiple) comic book event.  
Ms. Marvel is slowly gaining popularity thanks to her solo series and involvement with titles such as the Mighty Avengers, but she doesn't really stack up to the others. I do feel, however, that in terms of powers and her name that she would be the most similar to Wonder Woman, and thus most likely to possibly reach her level if Marvel took advantage of this. A major part of Wonder Woman's popularity stems from the fact that she has always been seen by many as the female equivalent to Superman in terms of power and extremely memorable origins as well as symbolism. Ms. Marvel is also super strong, durable and can fly so in my mind that makes her at least somewhat comparable to WW.
As far as non-superhero female characters that would be between Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane. Mary Jane is more notable to non readers due to the Spider-Man movies and Pepper Potts is simply not as well known, imo, partially because Mary Jane had a clear romantic relationship with the hero and has appeared in many of the animated series, video games, etc. In terms of comic books Gwen Stacy is without a doubt the most notable non-powered love interest of any comic book because of her famous death. The Night that Gwen Stacy Died remains one of the most iconic stories in comic book history and Gwen, despite remaining dead, remains incredibly well-known among comic book readers. Her death also effectively changed the lighter tone that comic books had during the silver age and made way for the grittier and more serious bronze age, then the modern age. I believe that Gwen may even be more influential than Lois Lane due to the strong influence her death had as well as the incredible character development it gave to her hero, Spider-Man. Marvel's decision to keep her dead (not counting her brief return in the House of M, which is conisdered an alternate reality anyway) is also part of what makes her so special due to nearly every comic book hero dying and eventually returning to life. This made Gwen the most human, IMO, due to the seriousness the writers took with her death rather than simply retconning or undoing it.
Long Story Short 
-Jean Grey  
-Invisible Woman or Gwen Stacy (Sue's a hero, but Gwen created the most impact in just one storyline than Sue's entire history)
-Ms Marvel
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If i have to list them in order:

1. Storm - has been on the x-films and cameos too, been to all x-men cartoon series, and appearances on spider-man and black panther cartoon series, holds the title for a comic-based female character having the most number of appearances in video games, a ride, a perfume, lots of merchandises and is also the most recognizable especially because of her white hair. Currently ranks 2nd for female with the most number of appearances in marvel comics. She first appeared in 1975

2. Phoenix - What Storm has Phoenix has too but on a lesser degree. But definitely, once a person knows who and what Phoenix can do, will never forget her ever.

3. Invisible Woman - the fantastic four hasn't really changed the member roster so pretty much all four of them are popular but just not as popular as the x-men. Sue has the highest number of appearances for a female character in marvel comics, first appearing on year 1961.

4. Rogue - What Storm and Phoenix has, Rogue has it too, perhaps equal to Phoenix level only that Rogue isn't as popular and isn't as likeable as before because of losing her flight and superstrength power. Hope she gets it back.

5. Mystique - the most popular female villain in marvel comics. Also pretty much exposed on x-films and x-men: first class

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The problem with the female Marvels is that they're all either:

  1. gender swaps and/or their origin depends on a male character (e.g., Spider-Woman, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, X-23),
  2. are predominantly "team" characters (e.g., Storm, Rogue, Invisible Woman, Wasp),
  3. merely love interests of male leads (e.g., Mary Jane)

(Note: Yes, Wolverine was a "team" character originally, but his solo title has run long enough to break him of that.)

I don't know who avoids those the above pitfalls and is still iconic enough to count as a leading Marvel character. I really don't think anyone fits the bill. Just look at the Marvel films. The women are all either love interests (e.g., Pepper Potts), supporting characters (e.g., Sif), or don't get their own solo film and are there mainly for the "team" film (e.g., Black Widow).

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Hands Down the Top 5 Iconic Females in Marvel would have to be:


2)Invisible Woman


4)Phoenix/ Jean Grey

5)Spider woman

Normally i would be biases and say Elektra only but lets be honest here Most people already know who these girls are without even having to read their comics. there's also the fact that these girls can thank their popularity because they have been around or are in a famous group for example: Storm and Jean grey being part of the X men series, Invisible woman being a member of the FF, Elektra being part of Daredevil history and Spider woman being part of the avenger history and being the polar opposite of spiderman name wise anyway. but besides this they all except for one have also been portrayed on the "big screen" which also helps garner their popularity.

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Opinions vary but Marvel doesn't really have one clearly iconic female character.

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm without a doubt.Even if she doesn't have her own ongoing comics, She is everywhere! in movies, on televisions, in multiple books and even in video games.

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miss marvel, it's in the name

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Storm and Black Widow(LOL Movies).

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