Off My Mind: Marvel's Most Iconic Female Character

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1.Sue Storm
3.Jean Grey
4.Mary Jane

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I'm almost tempted to say that in Marvel's case there isn't one singular iconic female character like DC does. Sure, there are many candidates that come close like mentioned in this article and the comments but none come even close to matching WW's  popularity.  I honestly cannot account for why that would be the case though, for surely one would think that one of the hard hitting female characters of Marvel would be at Diana's iconic status by now.  Maybe the case is that Marvel never meant for just ONE character to be the iconic female lead and instead wanted to decentralize that popularity into many.  I mean if anyone comes close it should be Susan Storm I think considering that she turns 50 this year in comics since first being envisioned in 1961, but I think anyone will agree with me that her iconic status pales in comparison to Diana.  Still, even with that iconic status one would think that she would have had that movie or even new show by now, but apparently people are still having trouble trying to translate the Amazon from Themiscyra into live action role.  Perhaps someday it will happen. At least I hope it will.

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Most iconic? I'd say Spider-Woman.

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I vote for Storm.

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Off My Mind: Why Marvel Needs a Wonder Woman

Marvel needs a female character that can stand on her own! Interesting and well written so she becomes popular and worthy of Marvel's top three!

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks this!

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I like Scarlet Witch but i think the winner is Ms Marvel!!!!!

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No way is spider-woman the mane Marvel icon, its between Ms. Marvel and Storm I would say and I am leaning more towards Ms. Marvel because Storm dosnt stand out enough on her own she is characterized by the X-Men

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Stan Lee's wife!
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It certainly isn't ms.marvel or spider-woman. no way guys!

More people know of Mary Jane than Jean Grey
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its definitely NOT ms. marvel. do you guys know what iconic means? thats like memorable and representation.

no one who doesnt read comics knows who ms marvel is.

my vote is for STORM or JEAN GREY, and maybe MARY JANE
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Id say jean, or storm.

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Most iconic is storm, no one else comes close. Whether they were first or not!

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These are my top 10

1.Invisible Woman

2.Jean Grey




6.Ms Marvel


8.Scarlet Witch

9.Black Widow

10.Emma Frost

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has to be storm

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My top 5 would be

1. Storm

2.Jean Grey


4.Jubilee (for my own reasons)

5.Invisible Woman

(slip Ms Marvel there somewhere)

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Marvel has no hierarchy like DC does.

Marvel hasn't consistently pushed any character for popularity. They kind of just go with whoever seems appealing at the time. So the answer to this question changes every few years.
Over the years though, Storm has gotten the most attention outside of comic books. She was in:
-all of the Marvel vs Capcom games
-both X-Men Legends games
-both Ultimate Alliance games

-Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects
-the first 3 X-Men movies
-all 4 X-Men TV shows

I think Marvel has more original female characters than DC, but none of them catch on with a primarily male audience. DC's most popular female heroes seem like clones of Superman and Batman, which automatically gives them a certain level of familiarity.
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Ms. Marvel is the most iconic for me

and the toughest of the bunch too ;)

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Marvels most Iconic female has always been discussed.  Everyone seems to have a different opinion.
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@tonis said:
Sue Storm is technically the first one, without a doubt.
Ms. Marvel though has always been in my mind their strongest female in personality though. With She-Hulk a close second.
I can agree with this
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Phoenix, Storm, Sue Storm, Elektra. 

Mary Jane
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Storm, to say otherwise is treason in Wakanda!
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Squirrel Girl..........j/k

I believe its Invisible Woman.

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The Uncanny X-Men #386
Art by Dion Hamill
Secret Avengers #15
X-Factor # 217
She-Hulk #5
Art by Michael Turner
Ms. Marvel #27
New costume: Djurdjevic
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Are you effing kidding me? I signed up on this site just to comment on this.  Excuse me while I go back to Comicsalliance. 
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Sue Storm

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you don't necessarily need one iconic female character for marvel. Just several well written ones. I thought the black widow series was excellent while it last (ps marvel please bring it back) and currently the x23 series is very entertaining. in general though all these characters need is a great writer to give them some terrific stories.

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Sue Storm.

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IT HAS TO BE STORM for overall media visibilty, Iconic status, resonance, uniqueness/recognisablity (word?) etc..  Invisible Woman a close second only because shes basically the fore runner.. tho truthfully up until recently she was ...well..kinda invisible -_- hidin/runnin behind Mr fantastic  whereas Storm kicked ass from the getgo of her inception in comics

Other than that lets be honest with ourselves NONE of the other marvel female characters ring ANY bells outside of Comics.. Marvel Girl?! Pshhh dont make me laugh 

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Squirrel Girl!... well at least a contender for the title right
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@PeteyParker: dude I dont even get it either tbh..shouldnt even have been a question in the first place.. more like an award they handed over & u go.. 


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it's STORM!!! 

Was surprised Bab's did'nt make this article.
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Storm, Jean Grey, Sue Storm, and Rogue seem to be the main characters all my non-comic reading fans know, remember, and love the most.

As for myself personally? I'd have to say Jean Grey or Storm.

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I think Marvel was pushing Ms. Marvel really hard a few years ago, but really stopped caring after canceling her ongoing.

Considering the bad spot Wonder Woman is in, I don't think DC's doing that much better anyway. She's been coasting on legacy for a long time.
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I think for me the iconic females have been the ones in either the animated tv shows or movies. For me, the most stand-out heroines have been Sue Storm, Storm, Jean Grey and maybe Mystique.

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Jean Gray's Phoenix

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Honestly the X-men babes are the most iconic IMO. Jean Grey, Emma Frost and Storm.

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@darkrider said:

 no one  marvel doesn't have iconic female Character like dc 

Agree!!  Marvel's female characters are balanced and importance vary over time
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As it stands Marvel does not have an Iconic female character.  You can reach for one but really there is nothing that comes close the average woman doing something great and being referred to as a Wonder Woman.  It's a simple measure but its the measure I use. 

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I would go with Rogue, Jean Grey or the Pheonix, Sue Storm
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@Mutant God said:

Squirrel Girl!... well at least a contender for the title right

:)! She has my vote. :)
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For most recognizable, I'd say Storm (heck my brother has a Storm tennis racquet, the other options were Spidey and Wolvie), but Marvel really doesn't have a female character as iconic as Wonder Woman, simply because they don't bother trying to make any of them iconic.

To do that, they would have to let them stand on their own, not as part of a team, like nearly all of them are, and they would have to put them in the public's eye, which in this day in age means making a movie or TV series about them, because e lets face it, most people don't read comics.

Marvel has plenty of characters with star quality, but two that I could see actually making it are Ms. Marvel, and Spider-woman.  Marvel has done a lot for these characters in the past decade in the comic world, what with giving them both solo titles, with Ms. Marvel lasting some 50 issues, and giving them prominent roles in there team books as well.  Now all they need is more public exposure, and they could be well on their way to becoming an icon.

And who wouldn't want to see a Ms. Marvel or Spider-woman movie (as long as it isn't bastardized of course)?  I sure would be stoked about it!

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Ok, by asking this question hundreds of times before, most people who dont read comics know who Storm is and She hulk.  Those are the two females that always come up if asked "name a marvel female". If i ask if they know spider-woman, even jean grey they are like "who?" Then asked Phinox they are like "oh ya her, she's ok." 99% of the time i get those answers.

I think they should make Ms. Marvel the premiere Marvel woman, shes the coolest with best powers and hell, she has Marvel right in her name! 
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@PeteyParker said:
STORM!!! How is this even a discussion? 
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I dunno, I think it's pretty clear from the overwhelming sea of similar replies that there's a plethora of notable female marvel characters, and new ones making their way into public knowledge every day, like the ever growing popularity of Shadowcat or X-23, along with the amazing classics like Storm and the Invisible Woman.

Essentially, to the OP.
Whatch'u talkin bout Willis?

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@tonis: Ms. Marvel definitely doesn't get the spotlight she deserves.
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Also, Spider-Woman is only getting pushed because Bendis loves her.  That's the only reason.  There's nothing interesting about her.

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I say  a six-way tie with Jean Grey,Storm, Invisble Woman,Wasp,Spider-Woman, & Ms. Marvel

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Marvel doesn't have an iconic female character to the level of Wonder Woman. They probably never will.

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